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Paco Rabanne One Million Elixir: Will it be Better than Sauvage?

Paco Rabanne is set to release a flanker of their long-time fan favourite One Million, naming the fragrance One Million Elixir. The fragrance is a revamp of the entire collection, notably containing a mere two notes from the original release.

The new fragrance has been designed to look exactly the same as its siblings, aside from some minute details. The body of the bottle is shaped like a gold bar, with the atomizer spraying from the front, and the trigger placed on the back.

On the front of the bottle, Paco Rabanne stuck to a similar style when it came to the fragrance’s logo and title. “Million Elixir” is engraved on the lower half, along with the bottle size and the designer’s name. On the upper half is the number one, sitting atop a triangle with crystals incorporated into the design.

Paco Rabanne One Million Elixir
Paco Rabanne One Million Elixir

As mentioned above, the fragrances juice has been completely revamped. On the top, there are notes of Apple and Davana Leaves. Below is the heart is Turkish Rose, Osmanthus, Apricot and Tonka Beans. Finally, One Million Elixir concludes with Patchouli, Cedarwood and Black Vanilla at the base.

At the top, One Million Elixir shares no common traits with its siblings. The Apple note is common in fragrances that are known as clubbing kings and Davana Leaves are known for their fruity and herbaceous accords. Other One Million flankers utilize citrus notes, opting for a more fresh feel.

Towards the heart is where we find more deviation when it comes to specific notes, but find similar aroma combinations. The original One Million features Rose amongst Cinnamon and Spicy Notes, whereas Prive features simply Tobacco and Myrrh. One Million Elixir shares the Rose accord although, it was not significant in the original.

It seems as if One Million Elixir is looking to continue its fruity agenda with the Apricot and Osmanthus. But, the Tonka Bean and Turkish Rose stay true to other flankers as they rely on woodsy accords to bump up the intensity of fruits or florals.

Paco Rabanne One Million Elixir
Comparing the original One Million, One Million Parfum and One Million Elixir

At the base, we begin to notice a slight turnaround. One Million Elixir maintains the Patchouli note found in all three of the other One Million variants. As well, Cedarwood and Black Vanilla may produce accords that make the fragrance smell similar to the rest of the collection.

The trio will produce an accord that is fairly close to the one found in Prive, in which the base is Tonka Bean and Patchouli. There is an inherent sweetness and ruggedness that will come off the Black Vanilla, similar to Prive and Parfum. The Cedarwood will hopefully give off a fresh, woody note to help alleviate the overpowering sweetness that may be found in Apple and Apricot.

Paco Rabanne One Million Elixir
The entire One Million collection

Recently, Dior released an Elixir flanker of the popular fragrance, Sauvage. The goal of Sauvage Elixir was to create a fragrance that could act as a base layer for other Sauvage variants or to be worn as a standalone fragrance. The team at Dior wanted Sauvage Elixir to encapsulate the true Sauvage DNA, combining the other versions to create one core smell.

The fragrance was met with mixed reviews as some saw the fragrance as too basic, while others saw it as a perfect rendition of a fresh, woody scent. Paco Rabanne received similar responses when they released Lucky and Parfum although, Prive has been a must-have for fragrance junkies for quite some time.

What do you think One Million Elixir will smell like? Do you think it will be a successful One Million flanker? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

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