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Paco Rabanne Utilizes AI Technology in New “Phantom” Release

Paco Rabanne’s advertisement for Phantom

Paco Rabanne released Phantom on July 15th, an undeniably sweet scent with layers to uncover. The fragrance was created in a futuristic way which saw scientists analyzing chemicals and the way they reacted mentally with young men. The chemical in question, styrallyl acetate, projects an intense, green aroma when utilized in the fragrance’s chemical makeup.

Once tested on men ageing 18-35, there were three resounding responses to how the scent made them feel. 

Sexy. Confident. Energized

Phantom is a fragrance that was simply created for sex appeal. Its use of creamy lavender and an array of fruity sweetness creates a great option for a young buck looking for something to wear on a night out.

The fragrance features a top of Lemon Zest and Amalfi Lemon. As we go further down we can find Apple, Patchouli, Smoke and Earthy notes. Concluding with the base, we find Vanilla and Vetiver. Paco Rabanne also lists Lavendar as a note that is found in all 3 facets of the breakdown. 

The bottle itself is a robot figurine with an atomizer that sprays like a fire hose. On top of the atomizer, a chip may be found hidden beneath the plastic cap. Once you place your phone on top of the cap, your phone will connect you with “your new wingman” as Paco Rabanne states on their website.

Phantom Eau De Toilette paco Rabanne
Your new wingman and his associates!

Once connected, you will gain access to exclusive content which was curated by the brand. Unfortunately only the 100ml and 150ml bottles are connected with the chip. As you scroll through the portal, you may explore the world of interactive filters, personalized playlists, interactive games, augmented reality and other fun bits of tech.

The 100ml size currently retails for $125 CAD at select department stores. Phantom is currently available in an Eau de Toilette concentration with no sign of an EDP as of yet.

Phantom by Paco Rabanne
Phantom by Paco Rabanne

Now it’s time for the fun part … How does it smell?

Whilst writing this, I found it difficult to not stop every few words to smell my hand which holds a few sprays of Phantom. When I entered Hudson’s Bay, I purposely went in with the intention of having minimal knowledge. All I had known was the fragrances name and that it projected profoundly.

Off the tester strip, the scent simply smelt fresh and clean. But off-camera, I was able to sit with the scent on my skin as well. The use of Lavender projects intensely whilst pairing well with fruity sweetness. Apple is what comes to my nose first but with a slight tinge of sourness which I attribute to the two different citruses. 

The use of Vetiver and Earthy notes in this fragrance work to give a slight gentlemanly effect to an otherwise youthful and boisterous scent. Phantom’s blend is forcing me to continue diving deeper and wanting to smell more. 

Paco Rabanne Phantom is undeniably a clubbing scent with enticing sweetness and provocative creaminess from the Lavender and Vetiver. The fragrance lasted over eight hours on my skin and projected across the table on multiple occasions. 

My general advice would be to purchase this scent if you are in need of replacing your clubbing fragrance. Versace Eros has reigned as the supreme clubbing scent for far too long and I’m confident to say that Phantom could dethrone it. The only thing holding consumers back may be the bottle design. 

We would like to hear your thoughts in the comments below! What are your favourite clubbing scents and opinion on this new release by Paco Rabanne.