Prada Paradoxe
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Paradoxe: Prada’s Latest Enigmatic Release

House Prada of perfume and fashion fame has just announced their latest addition to their extensive fragrance collection. The new fragrance is called Paradoxe. The name alone incites intrigue and mystery as it is obviously derived of the word “paradox”, making us but wonder what unique formula they have created this time.

Prada Paradoxe
Prada Paradoxe

The philosophy behind Paradoxe’s creation can be summed up in two words, “reinvention” and “consolidation”. Prada wants to reintroduce signature notes from a brand new perspective and to find the perfect harmony sensuality and intensity. Evidently, it is not just quality they are after; they have set their eyes on a more innovative approach with Paradoxe.


Top notes: Calabrian Bergamot Heart, Tangerine Essence, Pear Accord

Middle notes: Neroli Essence and Neroli Bud Essence, Tunisian Orange Flower Heart Absolute Blossom, Jasmine Sambac Absolute

base notes: Amber Accord (Ambrofix™), Laos Benzoin Resinoid, Madagascar Premium Bourbon Vanilla Infusion, White Musk Accord (Serenolide™)

To achieve this, Prada focused on the composition of notes in this fragrance to strike an equal balance between the floral and ambery notes that are often associated with femininity and the dominating presence of Neroli bud extraction, capturing the flower’s fullest dimension. This will be Prada’s first-time attempt at Neroli bud extraction.

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The house aims at reinventing sensuality with the release of Paradoxe thanks to Ambrofix, a bio-converted amber, which will intensify this sense of warmth. Speaking of intensity, Prada revealed that a new revolutionary musk molecule, the Serenolide, will be used in the composition and it is promised to guarantee an intense yet subtle, comfortable, and easily noticeable trail.

Prada Paradoxe

The house made a wise choice by picking the charismatic and ever so popular, Emma Wattson of Harry Potter fame, to be the face of the campaign.

Prada Paradoxe
Prada Paradoxe

Paradoxe will arrive in an intriguingly shaped glass bottle. The bottle is shaped like a tilted triangle more reminiscent of an arrow-head with black cap that is similarly tilted, giving this asymmetric-looking bottle a sense of wonder and beguilement rarely seen in today’s designs.

The new Prada Paradoxe will be available on the official website starting from 26 august in three bottle sizes 30ml, 50ml, 90ml and 100 ml Refillable bottle Eau de Parfum.

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