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Paragon by Initio Parfums: The Path towards Spiritual Fulfillment

House Initio Parfums has just unveiled their latest upcoming fragrance to add to their already well-established collection, Hedonist. The Hedonist is home to successful releases like Rehab and Musk Therapy and the new anticipated fragrance, Paragon, is expected to elevate the concept behind the collection to an even greater heights.

Hedonist A4

The philosophy behind the creation of this collection was to address the human body and its needs. The Hedonist collection introduces three essential dimensions to self-care. Rehab was composed to particularly care for the physical body. As for Musk therapy, it was designed to tackle the emotional side of us and our feelings, and now, with the announcement of Paragon, the house is addressing the spiritual side of our human journey.

Initio Paragon

Paragon is an invitation to look introspectively and connect with our inner energy, emphasizing a holy and transcendental impression thanks to the use of sacred woods and plants. Paragon’s soul and essence lies in the implementation of Palo Santo and White Sage. These revered ingredients have a spiritual and cultural value to them; they were used by the first lines of Inca priests, or rather shamans, in their initiation ceremonies for purification and protection. 

Initio Paragon

Initio Paragon Notes

Top notes: Bergamot, White Sage, Lavender

Middle notes: Plum, Palo Santo, Black Pepper

Base notes: Sandalwood, Agarwood

As far as the note composition goes, the new fragrance features a plethora of other fascinating ingredients, including lavender, plum, Black Pepper, Sandalwood and Agarwood. The combination of the calming Bergamot and lavender as well as the power of Pepper leaves nothing to be desired. The end result stimulates the mind and highlights the opening of the heart. It is a vibrant fragrance that will leave you craving for more.


Paragon’s bottle design displays a level of class and sophistication, with an all-white bottle with a gold, diamond-shaped emblem on the front of the bottle. The colors chosen for this bottle mirrors the spiritual aspect of Paragon since the colour white is reminiscent of heavenly creatures, like angels and their wings.

Initio Paragon

Initio Paragon is currently available on the official website in 10 ml price of $79 and 90 ml price of $370 Extrait de Parfum.

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