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Parfums de Gabor: An Enticing House Review

Parfums De Gabor, a full house exclusive review needs commitment, dedication, unconditional love, and admiration. It’s the second house I am doing a dedicated review on after Xerjoff and I am happy to talk about the novelties that Gabriel Gabor, the perfumer, and owner of the brand, takes immense pride in. It’s a brand that I fell in love with back in 2020 and I was enamored with pretty much all the perfumes, which is a rare phenomenon in today’s landscape of thousands of other brands and perfume releases.

Parfums de Gabor
De Gabor Perfumes

The brand has 8 fragrances under its belt, and out of which I am going to talk about six perfumes, only because I haven’t smelled two other perfumes just yet. Parfums de Gabor does masterfully wonderful powdery and woody florals. Being someone that loves her powdery perfumes, I can attest to the sheer ecstasy that this artisanal brand compellingly adds to the experience.

Darling Rouge De Gabor
De Gabor Perfumes

I am going to start with my number 1 from the brand which was released towards the end of last year, Darling Rouge. Now, this is a rose like no other. She is everything one can ask for from a rose fragrance, and she is everything one needs from a powdery and balsamic rose gourmand. The fragrance hits you with a vivacious musky rosy aroma in the opening, followed by an alluring resinous, and woody heart of sandalwood and olibanum.

The scintillating rose slowly but deeply becomes shrouded with wistful resins and balsams that take you through an inexplicably blissful experience that gives you the feeling of tranquility and sanctity.

DE Gabor Fragrances
De Gabor Perfumes

The unadulterated warmth of labdanum, amber, and vanilla create a charismatic base for the rose to show its depth and exude an inscrutable opulent significance, which is extremely feminine and at the same time unapologetically assertive. Projection and performance are astronomical in Darling Rouge and it bears the longest-lasting rose note in modern perfumery.

According to the brand’s website, Darling Rouge blossomed from the magnum opus inspiration of the Parisian Moulin Rouge show, the amber canvas of the sunrise sky, and the rose petals waiting to open and fill the air with warm and romantic facets of love. I can say, the perfumer managed to bring his vision to life with a flawless technique that feels timeless, and elegant yet refreshingly modern.

De Gabor Geisha Diva
De Gabor Geisha Diva

My second favorite from the brand takes inspiration from the high-end society in Japan and Japanese culture. Geisha Diva is a combination of citric and luminous white florals, creamy ylang-ylang, and iridescent white musk. 

“The uniqueness of the Geisha symbolizes the highest artistic profession in Japan. The personality of the Geisha is associated with art, mystery, dance, and music performances. The presence of a Geisha during the events of the high society always receives distinguished attention and admiration as this present perfume. Another special flower originally from Japan, the Pittosporum Tobira offers you an elegant and seductive perfume kimono to the Diva inside you. “ According to the official website.

Geisha Diva De Gabor
Geisha Diva De Gabor

The narrative behind this fragrance justifies every single ingredient and the glorious juice. Juicy mandarin, zingy yuzu, and dewy jasmine sambac lay the groundwork for a mystical floral beauty to emerge. The sensorial journey takes the wearer through a maze of a layered floral heart of pittosporum, ylang-ylang, tuberose, and jasmine. I feel the note pittosporum adds cohesiveness, harmony, and an enigmatic charm to the trinity of white florals- jasmine, tuberose, and orange blossom.

Darling Rouge and Geisha Diva De gabor
De Gabor Perfumes

As the notes begin to slide into the base of amber and patchouli, the floral aroma thickens, turning almost vanillic with a slight earthy touch. The scent has the consistency of lush, golden nectar with hypnotic quality, and the lady who will wear will do it in the same way that a diva wears her flamboyance and panache. The tender aroma of all these florals is undoubtedly one of the best I have smelled on my fragrance journey.

De Gabor Stardusk Musk
De Gabor Perfumes

Stardust Musk is an unusual and charismatic gourmand with an exceptional musk in its core. The roasted pistachio, green galbanum, and fabulous tobacco leave take you on a fantastic journey.  The addictive fusion of green and powdery opening is enveloped with semi-sweet roasted pistachio which gives off a slightly starchy vibe. The notes glide into the seemingly serene woody heart of cedar, suave orris, and raw vanillic tonka bean.

Stardusk Musk De Gabor
De Gabor Perfumes

The heart paves the way for silky musk to be divulged and prepares the composition to develop into a ground-breaking enigmatic base of smooth musk, delightful amber, and powdery notes. The overall experience is distinctively dusty, warm, cozy, and outstandingly unique to make you stand out. The only reference point I can think of is D600 by Carner Barcelona but with just enough distinction. The sillage and longevity are outstanding with a cocooning scent bubble that will hug you like a warm blanket.

Genders De Gabor
De Gabor Perfumes

Genders used to be my number one because of the way Gabriel composed a cinnamon-focused spicy floral gourmand. She is sexy!! She is a showstopper, attention grabber, and massive compliment-getter, and sheds every little inhibition or reservation when she walks into a room full of people. Genders DE GABOR is a bright multigender fragrance. This special fragrance will change on your skin according to your gender.

Genders De Gabor
De Gabor Perfumes

According to the website:

“For Native Americans, there was no set of rules that men and women had to abide by in order to be considered a “normal” member of their tribe. In ancient times and nowadays again, many genders are accepted. The 5 main genders are present in our century. The perfume for Genders: Opens with Italian bergamot and seducing mandarin, the elegant velvet notes warmed up by the precious spicy accords of exclusive saffron, clove, cinnamon, and caraway.

The gourmand floral heart notes give the contemporary style for the female gender by vanilla, jasmine, rose, and tuberose. The aromatic woody accord of sandalwood, hay, tonka beans, tobacco, and cedarwood emphasizes the charm for the male gender. The erotic ambery French touch stamps the base notes of white incense, luxurious warm amber, white leather, Haiti Vetiver, oud, and the multigender pheromone musks.”

Genders De Gabor
De Gabor Perfumes

Genders will open your senses, and they will be heightened with all the sensuous spice-laced florals and resins upon smelling it for the first time. It’s like an eloquent speech that will inevitably lure you into her ornate charm and superlative strings of words. This is such a superb blend of spices and florals that one must try and experience on their fragrance journey to appreciate the whole sensorial journey.

Darling de Gabor

Darling is a contemporary gourmand sandalwood perfume that participated at the international fragrance competition organized by World Perfumery Congress in Miami in 2016 and was selected among the best 10 sandalwood creations worldwide. This is arguably one of the best, undeniably complex, sandalwood forward powdery and fruity gourmands, with again an astonishingly beautiful green touch lurking underneath this perfectly structured creamy woody gourmand fragrance.

De Gabor Darling

To me, Darling is an emotion, a deep dive into your spirit. The ever so slightly zingy ginger, sweet cherry, plumy boozy cognac, delightful creamy fig in accordance with fragrant saffron emulate quite an eccentric opening that leads to morphing into another swirl of texture and decadent woody gourmand heart.

The distinctive heart notes celebrate your gourmand addiction with milky sandalwood, Austrian marzipan, tonka beans, praline, and rum. Mild orchids, jasmine, coffee flowers, and patchouli for the manifestation of love. Even though the fragrance has so many powerful and edible notes, yet somehow it succumbs to being an understated elegance that never for a moment comes off as screechy or overwhelmingly sweet. It rather tries to connect with your soul and stay calmer.

De Gabor complete buyers guide

Warm amber, sandalwood, Amyris, and guaiac wood bring the fragrance to a final dry down of vanilla and a powdery gourmand musk that creates an intimate bond with your skin. I find this fragrance perfectly suitable for a romantic getaway or even on a trip where you want to reconnect with your body and soul and exchange a communion with your soul through this fragrance. I can 100% guarantee that all sandalwood lovers won’t be disappointed with this one.

De Gabor Fragrances review

Leather is one of the most daring perfumes that came out this century after Tom Ford’s Black Orchid. This fragrance was brought out to the foreground for the hard-core leather lovers who not only love wearing fine leather clothing items and accessories but also believe in their passion and love for this raw material.

This genuine leather fragrance opens with the modern spicy notes of shiny black leather gloves, Iranian saffron, smoky cinnamon, and black truffle. The heart notes are centered around iris, sandalwood, patchouli, vetiver, and birch accord. The base is accentuated with warm ambery musk. castoreum, oud, oakmoss, and vanilla.

There is a masculine energy through and through, and only a maximalist and hard-core leather fan can pull this off without any hesitation. I would not suggest this to be pulled out on a regular basis, but only to be worn when you are expecting to make a statement and leave an unforgettable impression.

Darling Rouge De Gabor Paris

My conclusion for De Gabor fragrances is that each fragrance has something special for everyone, for women I suggest you to try everything except Leather because it’s more manly, and if I prefer one of these fragrances I will choose Darling Rouge.

Have you tried De Gabor Fragrances? let us know which one you tried and your impression about it in the comments below.