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Pasha de Cartier Parfum Full Review: The Resurrected Charm of the Golden Age.

Cartier is one of the oldest fashion houses out there. They have always been known for the elegance and sophistication of their products. In 1992, Cartier released one of its most successful fragrantic hits, the renowned Cartier Pasha. The word ‘Pasha’ is a Turkish title given to a man of high rank in the Ottoman Empire. So, you can expect a level of class involved in the making of this perfume. The original Pasha was such a hit that Cartier followed it with many flankers. The latest and most sophisticated is our guest of honor today, Cartier Pasha Parfum.

pasha de cartier parfum 1
pasha de cartier parfum

I believe Pasha Parfum to be the evolution of the original Pasha DNA, It was released in 2020, and still is a Fougere, but a fougere perfected. It got more rounded, sophisticated and definitely much deeper. Pasha Parfum comes in almost the exact same packaging and bottle of the original Pasha. The difference lies in some added, blue nuances; one is on the top of the bottle and the other is a blue imprint on the package itself along with the word Parfum.

pasha de cartier parfum
pasha de cartier parfum

Pasha de Cartier Parfum is quite linear and utilizes an intensely rich and elegant Sandalwood, some playful liquor, deep benzoin and of course the oriental and warm amber. The perfume has a niche smell and if you wear it on you, expect people to wonder what you’re wearing because you will really smell and feel like an actual ‘Pasha’.

pasha de cartier parfum 3
pasha de cartier parfum

The performance of Pasha Parfum is very decent. The longevity can exceed a day or even two. The sillage is great for the first 4 hours when it projects really well, but then it starts turning to a skin scent for the rest of the perfume’s life. The perfume suits young adults and middle-aged men and is best used on cooler days. I regard Cartier Pasha Parfum as one of the best releases of 2020 and a very unique smelling fragrance among the designer fragrances.

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