Amouage Search

Amouage Search

General Information

Brand :Amouage
Year of Release :2023
Parent company :
Gender is : Unisex
Limited edition :No
Availability :Yes
Perfume house :Niche

Fragrance description

Amouage Search is a new fragrance for women and men launched in 2023 and created by The Perfumer Alexis Grugeon.


It is at first a flash of Lemon, insanely vibrant and bright, striking like lightning in the middle of the night. Fluttering notes of Lime, lively and shrill, soon come forth, welded into the metallic zing of Mandarin, its leathery zest and bittersweetness.
Shackled in a cage of dark woods, the Citrus fight with a newfound strength, their light shining brighter as delicate notes of Elemi and a heavenly touch of Hojari Frankincense burst open.
Even as the smoke rises and crashes in waves of burnt Cade, spicy Guaiacwood and incandescent Vetiver, the Citrus bouquet carries its brilliance proud, undefeated, and undimmed.
A tale of trying and reaching, of life overcoming shade, Search captures the virile energy of resilient minds unafraid to fight their inner darkness to become their ideal self”
Amouage Search Fragrance classifications:

A Citrus, Woody fragrance that features top notes of  Lemon, Lime, and Mandarin, followed by heart notes of Hojari Frankincense, Black Pepper, Elemi, and base notes of Cade, Vetiver, and Guaiacwood.

The new fragrance is available in 100ml.

Perfumers & Bottle Designer

1st perfumerAlexis Grugeon

  1. Top Notes
    • Lemon, Lime, Mandarin
  2. Heart Notes
    • Hojari Frankincense, Black Pepper, Elemi
  3. Base notes
    • Cade, Vetiver, Guaiacwood.

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