Cherry Blossom 2023 Guerlain for Women and Men

Cherry Blossom 2023 by Guerlain is a new fragrance for Women and Men launched under Les Pieces d'Exception collection in a limited edition.

General Information

Brand :Guerlain
Year of Release :2023
Parent company :LVMH
Gender is : Unisex
Limited edition :Yes
Availability :Yes
Perfume house :Designer

Fragrance description

Cherry Blossom 2023 by Guerlain is a new fragrance for Women and Men launched under Les Pieces d’Exception collection in a limited edition.

THE ART OF CELEBRATING SPRING AT GUERLAIN:Each spring, in homage to the Hanami ritual in Japan, the fresh and floral Cherry Blossom fragrance returns with an exceptional, limited and numbered edition. This event takes on a special shine this year, on the 170th anniversary of the emblematic Flacon aux Abeilles. For its precious 2023 Vintage, Guerlain entrusted the magical adornment of its Flacon aux Abeilles to Ateliers Vermont, a prestigious Parisian embroidery house.

ADMIRING THE BEAUTY OF SAKURAS, A RITUAL IN JAPAN: The entire Land of the Rising Sun follows with passion the blossoming of sakura with snowy petals tinged with pink on the branches of cherry trees. To celebrate this poetic ritual that the Japanese call Hanami literally “looking at the flowers”, friends and families gather to admire the sakuras. Under the cherry trees, the vaporous corollas fall without withering, “rafts of flowers” sail on the waterways, the petals fly away in the breeze like delicate butterflies.

Guerlain Cherry Blossom 2023 EMBROIDERED WITH SAKURA AND JASMINE PETALS: No doubt it took all the art of the Guerlain Perfumers to capture the fleeting and dazzling beauty of the cherry trees in spring in a bottle. First, it is bergamot, the House’s olfactory signature, which brightens up the fragrance with its golden radiance. The freshness of the green tea accord binds this luminous opening, to better welcome in its heart: facets of almond, cherry and powdery lilac, exalted by an airy jasmine, and carried by the breeze of white musks.

LES ATELIERS VERMONT, AN EXCEPTIONAL EMBROIDERY HOUSE: To offer this spring fragrance the most poetic of adornments, Guerlain has called on virtuosos of artistic embroidery. Since 1956, the Ateliers Vermont have been creating embroideries in the heart of Paris for the most prestigious Haute Couture houses, perpetuating ancestral know-how. For Jean-Eudes Néton, Creative Director, the artistic collaboration with Guerlain has made it possible to further enrich the poly-sensoriality of embroidery, by combining touch, smell and sight.

A BOTTLE ADORNED WITH A THIN CHERRY BLOSSOM BRANCH: For this craft edition, it is the slender and slender cherry branch of the tree laden with sakuras that inspires the new creation. The cherry branch is first embroidered with a fine gold thread which traces its elegant lines. Then, one by one, the pearls and the golden tubes that form the body of the branch are assembled by the embroiderer’s nimble fingers. This shimmering branch comes to rest on a sumptuous knot in powder pink grosgrain, matching the soft shade of the perfume. The adornment of infinite refinement thus combines the techniques of Parisian Haute Couture with the poetry of its Japanese inspiration. “

“It’s a three-dimensional embroidery like a jewel, which highlights the most delicate embroidery techniques to obtain a couture effect. »
Jean-Eudes Néton, Creative Director at Ateliers Vermont talking about Gulerian Cherry Blossom 2023

Guerlain Cherry Blossom 2023 Fragrance Classifications:

A Floral fragrance features top notes of Bergamot, Green Tea, followed by middle notes of Almond, Lilac, Jasmin, and Cherry, and base notes of White Musk.

Cherry Blossom 2023 is available in 3000 pieces on Guerlain’s official website in 125 ml for each bottle and comes with a 20 mL scented drop in its white leather sheath, as well as a funnel to transfer the fragrance into the purse spray.



Perfumers & Bottle Designer

  1. Top Notes
    • Bergamot, Green Tea
  2. Heart Notes
    • Almond, Lilac, Jasmin, Cherry
  3. Base notes
    • White Musks

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