Chloe Atelier des Fleurs Ylang Cananga

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Chloe Atelier des Fleurs Ylang Cananga

General Information

Brand :Chloe
Year of Release :2021
Parent company :coty
Gender is :Female
Limited edition :No
Availability :Yes
Perfume house :Designer

Fragrance description

Chloe Atelier des Fleurs Ylang Cananga is a new floral fragrance for women launched in 2021.

A sensual and solar Eau de Parfum, The island of Nosy Be, in Madagascar, conceals a treasure: fields of Ylang Ylang as far as the eye can see, of which the perfumer Serge de Oliveira keeps a particularly vivid memory. The pickers collect the flowers by hand, one by one, and place them in baskets, which emanate a solar and velvety scent that inspired this Eau de Parfum.


Perfumers & Bottle Designer

1st perfumerSerge de Oliveira

  1. Top Notes
    • Madagascan ylang-ylang
  2. Heart Notes
    • .
  3. Base notes
    • .

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