Sauvage Elixir Dior for men

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Dior sauvage elixir Eau de parfum

General Information

Brand :Dior
Year of Release :2021
Parent company :LVMH
Gender is :Male
Limited edition :No
Availability :Yes
Perfume house :Designer

Fragrance description

Dior Sauvage Elixir is a new spicy woody Fragrance for men launched in 2021 under Dior Sauvage collection for men.

Sauvage Elixir is a highly concentrated perfume, steeped in iconic Sauvage freshness, with an intoxicating spice centre, “custom” lavender scent, and a smooth and sweet woody blend that forms its powerful, honourable and enchanting Trail Sign. The perfumer Dior Francois Demachy created the perfume Sauvage Elixir, as a beautiful liqueur with special ingredients.

The superior quality of the raw materials makes this concentration possible: Sauvage Elixir is a unique and rare perfume, like a red moon in the night sky. Sauvage Elixir concentrates all its energy in a single size * 60ml dark blue lacquered glass bottle. This beautiful flacon-shaped bottle features an exquisitely designed logo: the perfume magical name is engraved in shiny silver on a label etched into the glass. The dome-shaped background engraved with the CD logo marks your silhouette.

Perfumers & Bottle Designer

1st perfumerFrancois Demachy

  1. Top Notes
    • Lavander
  2. Heart Notes
    • Spices
  3. Base notes
    • Woods

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