Marc-Antoine Barrois Encelade

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Marc-Antoine Barrois Encelade

General Information

Brand :Marc-Antoine Barrois
Year of Release :2022
Parent company :
Gender is : Unisex
Limited edition :No
Availability :Yes
Perfume house :Designer

Fragrance description

Marc-Antoine Barrois Encelade is a new fragrance for women and men launched in 2022 and created by the perfumer Quentin Bisch.

“New planet, new universe. This new fragrance’s golden sleeve, designed by French sculptor Jean Boggio, is an invitation to discover a wonderland. Fresh jungle on the side of a volcano, Encelade is a powerful and captivating perfume. Sensual and unique, its green and woody notes will seduce as well men of character as women in search of refinement.”

“Encelade is a natural satellite of Saturn, discovered in 1789, another blue-coloured planet covered with snow, fresh water and probably a seismic activity. Beside oneiric thought that Encelade could be one day covered by a green jungle, the mythologic figure embodies power, rebellion and character, the satellite represents freshness, sweetness, and purity.

In the mythology, Encelade, son of Gaia (the Earth) and Uranus (the Sky), is brought down by Athena after Giants attempt to climb Mount Olympus to reach the gods. Legend says he’s been buried under the lands of Sicily and that he still breath through the fumes and eruptions of Etna Volcano.

Shadow-light relationship within a perfume which plays its paradoxes with delight. Main accord of rhubarb, cedar, and vetiver express the smell of Earth, sap, lush nature. Green and woody notes which comes to mingle with the crash of smoked and animal leather. Milky sandal wood and tonka bean add sensuality and addiction to the skin. Pure seduction of a perfume conveying a wild magnetism.

As for our other perfumes, Encelade was formulated by perfumer Quentin Bisch. Everything, including packaging, is 100% made in France to reduce our ecological footprint. There is no use of preservative nor UV filter in Encelade Eau de Parfum. We recycle as much as we can, especially in our shipments’ wedging. We do not use plastic wrapping for over 3 years. We also work with association and companies that include disabled men and women or participate to reinsertion of long term unemployed persons willing to build with your help a better world.”

Marc-Antoine Barrois Encelade classification:

A new Leathery Woody and Green fragrance with notes of Rhubarb, Vetiver,  Atlas cedar, Tonka bean, Australian sandalwood


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Perfumers & Bottle Designer

1st perfumerQuentin Bisch

  1. Top Notes
    • Rhubarb, Vetiver , Atlas cedar , Tonka bean , Australian sandalwood
  2. Heart Notes
    • .
  3. Base notes
    • .

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