Rammstein Sex Eau de Parfum

Rammstein Sex Eau de Parfum

General Information

Brand :Rammstein
Year of Release :2023
Parent company :
Gender is : Unisex
Limited edition :No
Availability :Yes
Perfume house :Designer

Fragrance description

Rammstein Sex Eau de Parfum is a new fragrance for women and men launched in 2023.

SEX Eau de Parfum & SEX ELIXIR – the Layering Fragrances “a thousand needles, the desire, wants to catch scent with hands”  describes an inviting bed covered with satin linen. The scent of freshly laundered fine textiles mingles with pulsating skin. Sex Eau de Parfum thus sets the stage and is also suitable as a fragrance to be worn every day.”

“The new fragrance opens with freshly roasted coffee beans, bedded on soft heliotrope and coated with the resin of nutmeg sage. The latter is said to have an aphrodisiac effect.

At the heart beats bittersweet Peru balsam and sandalwood; the whole is subtly underlaid with soothing tonka. Benzoin resinoid exudes the scent of bitter chocolate in the finish, vetiver rounds off the edges with a minimal greenish tinge, tobacco provides warmth and immortelle lends strength and spiciness.”

Rammstein Sex Eau de Parfum Fragrance Classifications:

A new Gourmand woody fragrance with top notes of  Coffee beans, Heliotrope, Nutmeg, followed by heart notes of Peru Balsam, Sandalwood, and base notes of Tonka, Benzoin, Vetiver, Tobacco, and immortelle.





Perfumers & Bottle Designer

  1. Top Notes
    • Coffee beans, Heliotrope, Nutmeg
  2. Heart Notes
    • Peru Balasm, Sanalwood
  3. Base notes
    • Tonka bean, Benzoin, Veiver, Tobacco, immortelle

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