Jean Paul Gaultier Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum

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Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum

General Information

Brand :Jean Paul Gaultier
Year of Release :2022
Parent company :Puig
Gender is :Male
Limited edition :No
Availability :Yes
Perfume house :Designer

Fragrance description

Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum by Jean Paul Gaultier is new fragrance for men launched in 2022 under Scandal collection.

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for welcoming the King of the ring: SCANDAL POUR HOMME Le Parfum! You dreamed of it, you expected it. Surprise ! The reigning darling of Maison Gaultier makes a resounding return in an even more outrageous Eau de Parfum Intense, which is likely to cause a stir.

It’s that we jostle in the front row to applaud this torso that struts around like no one else. Ring star, show off champion. A few flashy feats are sometimes enough to set a room ablaze: bewitching footwork, caressing punches, everything in the look. As for its man perfume, we speak of a shock wave to make the walls tremble.

Just that ! Run to see the handsome athlete launch his geranium strike then deploy his sultry super hot antlers. And its addictive tonka bean. Impact the senses to better stun them? Fine tactic.

The ring legend loves to seduce. We’re not going to blame him all the same? Moreover, its refillable bottle reveals the full extent of its sex appeal.

It is that it imposes with its flaming gold crown that has become an emblem. Her flattering build. And its captivating black lacquered glass. Show off yes, but with panache”

Scandal Pour Homme Le Parfum Classifications:

An Amber Woody fragrance features top notes of  Caramel, followed by heart notes of Geranium and Clary sage, and base notes of Vetiver and Tonka beans and Sandalwood.

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Perfumers & Bottle Designer

  1. Top Notes
    • Caramel
  2. Heart Notes
    • Clary sage, Geranium
  3. Base notes
    • Vetiver , Tonka beans, Sandalwood

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