Zoologist Macaque Fuji Apple Edition
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Placing Zoologist Seahorse and Macaque Fuji Apple Edition Under a Microscope

Indie perfumery Zoologist is set to release two new fragrances, Seahorse and Macaque Fuji Apple, in the near future. Currently, Seahorse is set to release on December 3rd, 2021. Whilst Macaque Fuji Apple will enter markets in October 2022. I was extremely lucky to receive a sample of the pair early, thanks to the great people at Zoologist.

Seahorse is going to be released in an Extrait de Parfum concentration with a floral, aquatic accord. It begins with top notes of Cardamom, Fennel and Ambrette Absolute. In the heart, you can find Clary Sage, Tuberose and Neroli. Finally Algae Absolute, Vetiver and an Ambergris Accord conclude the base.

Zoologist Seahorse
Zoologist Seahorse

The fragrance’s natural, aquatic opening transports you to a moment in which your head emerges from saltwater. Instantly, happy memories from vacation as a child flood your thoughts. You remember how it felt to be young and to spend countless hours in the ocean without a care in the world. Swiftly, the scent changes to a very earthy profile, although it is still light and fresh.

My presumption is that the floral notes of Vetiver, Clary Sage and Neroli merge to produce an accord that is somehow light and floral, as well as deep and woodsy. For some odd reason, my nose finds a slightly burnt caramel accord which may add to the fragrance’s density. Nonetheless, Seahorse is an extremely unique and light fragrance that can be easily worn day-to-day.

Zoologist Macaque Fuji Apple Edition
Zoologist Macaque Fuji Apple Edition

After smelling the Yuzu edition of Macaque, I was very excited to try Fuji Apple. If you liked the extremely realistic Yuzu note in the opening, then you will covet the Fuji Apple edition. The fragrance has Fuji Apple, Juniper Berry and Olibanum Oil at the top. Myrrh, Hinoki Wood and Hydro Carbon Resin accompany each other in the heart. Whilst New Caledonia Sandalwood, Oakmoss Absolute and Olibanum Hyperabsolute complete the base notes.

Immediately your nose is struck with a very realistic sour apple accord that is impressive. Although, the Fuji Apple note is not as long-lasting when compared to the Yuzu from the other Macaque Edition. After a few minutes, the fragrance settles into a scent that will last over 8 hours linearly. The use of resins and oils in this fragrance gives a very sticky, fruit note that is dark yet enticing. Think the darkness of a plum, but remove the sour accord.

Finally, Macaque Fuji Apple finishes its life on your skin as a profound and rich woodsy scent with drops of dark fruits and oils. The fragrance is most definitely masculine and can be worn day-to-day or when out for a drink with friends. Currently, the fragrance is available solely in Japanese fragrance shops, although it will be distributed overseas come October 2022.

If you’re a fan of Zoologist’s former creations then you should be excited for these two fragrances to be released in the near future! Be sure to check the website soon as two articles will be available which detail the rest of the Zoologist collection.

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