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Polo Blue Parfum: Ralph Lauren Plays With the Blue Giants

American fashion powerhouse Ralph Lauren has announced that they will be releasing Polo Blue Parfum. The storied fashion house released the original Polo Blue in 2003. This new release looks to improve on the original by featuring modern notes to compliment the direction that perfumery is moving in. 

polo blue parfum
polo blue parfum

The entirety of the Polo Blue line can be categorized under the “Out of the shower” section of perfumery. Scents such as Dior Sauvage, YSL Y EDP and Bleu de Chanel have become the guardians of this category. They’re mass appealing, loud and generally easy to find. 

Back in its hay day, Polo Blue could have been viewed on the same pedestal as these modern classics. It was Ozonic, fresh and one that competitors revered. Now, Ralph Lauren looks to emulate its success with a Parfum flanker. 

polo blue parfum
polo blue parfum

“Travel into the intense with Polo Blue Parfum, where your trip of a lifetime awaits.” This intensity begins with the glass that holds the juice. The new Polo Blue Parfum features a design that we’ve seen before.

The classic and sleek bottle design from the original release finds itself used here. This time, the glass is stained a darker and slightly ominous blue colour. It features a sharper, more aggressive taper into the top and is finished off with the usual silver, boat-themed cap. 

Polo Blue Parfum

Thus far, the brand has teased the use of three notes in the latest release. Polo Blue Parfum has Mandarin, Vetiver and Oakwood. The Mandarin accord is found at the top, described as sparkling alongside the Vetiver in the heart. Furthermore, the Oakwood note is “upcycled” and rich. 

In comparison, the original and its Parfum counterpart share a little similarity. Other than the apparent Mandarin accord, the 2003 release focused on its Musky and fresh facets. 

To compare this new release to something more recent, in 2016, the house released an Eau de Parfum flanker. Three years later, Polo Blue Gold Blend appeared. Both of these scents flanked the original 2003 release, with each focusing on very different aspects of the original. 

Polo Blue Parfum
Polo Blue Parfum

Polo Blue Eau de Parfum primarily utilized far more aromatics in its note breakdown. Basil, Verbena and Clary Sage are the main staples. For Gold Blend, Its array of citrus’ and use of offbeat notes is what put it on the map. Citron and Green Apple found themselves pairing with Melon and ginger. 

Polo Blue Parfum is set to be released in three distinct sizes. Firstly in a 10ml, travel atomizer which will retail for around $30 USD. From there, the 40ml and 100ml full-size bottles will come in the packaging seen above. Both bottles have atomizers and will retail for $68 USD or $106 USD respectively.

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