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Pomona Vitalis:  A new invigorating perfume by Electimuss London

Electimuss London is pleased to announce a new fragrance to their diverse collection. The new perfume is called Pomona Vitalis. The name was chosen as a direct reference to the Roman deity Pomona, the goddess of gardens in Roman mythology. She was the main inspiration behind the conception of this perfume, and the word “Vitalis” means alive in Latin. The name alone sparks an otherworldly and ancient sensation.

Electimuss London Pomona Vitalis 
Electimuss London Pomona Vitalis 

Pomona is often described in Roman scriptures among beautiful gardens and orchards. Christian Provenzano, the mastermind behind many of Electimus London’s creations, thought about the diverse floral arrangement and their beautiful blossoms and came up with a perfume that captures this natural and picturesque image of Pomona.

Just like their previous releases, the house guarantees the longevity and projection power of Pomona Vitalis as well as a luxurious and niche representation. The bottle design follows the same pattern as other perfumes by the house, with the house emblem right in the middle.

Electimuss London Pomona Vitalis 
Electimuss London Pomona Vitalis 

“Pomona Vitalis opens with fruity facets of lychee, strawberry and apple balanced with a sparkle of bergamot. The lychee complements the rose heart, enhancing the sense of dewy, fresh, petals.

The heart revolves around a multi-faceted rose with both Bulgarian rose oil with radiant metallic, green geranium shades and fruity wine top notes, and the Rose Absolute that brings a distinctively rich and voluptuous sweetness with spicy green honey and tobacco undertones. With a whisper of lavender.

The base is warm and enveloping with balmy vanilla and benzoin facets, creamy shades of sandalwood and styrax which enrich the resinous character and depth adding a leathery tone. “ 

Pomona Vitalis will be available starting from 16 June in 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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