Boucheron Quatre Iconic and Boucheron Fève Tonka De Canaima
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Quatre Iconic and Fève Tonka De Canaima: Heighten Your Senses With 2 New Releases From Boucheron

Boucheron has added two new fragrances to their 2022 collection. Quatre Iconic and Fève Tonka De Canaima are feminine and unisex respectively, giving consumers the taste of luxury. 

Both of these Boucheron releases are bottled in a similar fashion, following the elegant trend that the house has set. The bottles are shaped cylindrically, with a sexy dip at the bottom of the glass. 

Quatre Iconic maintains a stunning golden tinge throughout with some browns thrown in along the way. At the top is the cap which is fastened above a design that has been seemingly stripped off a bracelet. 

Boucheron Quatre Iconic
Boucheron Quatre Iconic

Fève Tonka De Canaima uses contrasting colour blocking, placing more emphasis on the brown-coloured bottle. Leading up to the stark white cap is three gold rings, giving off the impression that you’re walking upstairs and into luxury. 

Boucheron Quatre Iconic is an Amber and floral scent with inviting spices and a heavy dose of Tuberose. At the top is the light note of Mandarin Essence along with Tuberose and Patchouli. Down in the heart is a spicy Ginger, Peru Balsam Absolute and dense Amber. Finally, the fragrance concludes with Rose Pepper, fruity Black Currant and Vetiver.

On the other hand, Boucheron Fève Tonka De Canaima is a Tonka based fragrance that opens with Bitter Almond and calming Violet. Next is the star of the show: Venezuelan Tonka Bean meets sweet Patchouli and Rose. It ends off with fresh Sandalwood, Labdanum and a delicious Vanilla. 

Boucheron Fève Tonka De Canaima
Boucheron Fève Tonka De Canaima

Boucheron Quatre Iconic is available in 50ml and 100ml bottles while Fève Tonka De Canaima is available in the large 125ml bottles. All three sizes are armed with an atomizer beneath the cap. Quatre Iconic retails for $80 USD or $106 USD depending on the size while Fève Tonka De Canaima retails for $210 USD. 

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