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The Story Behind Ralph Lauren’s New Fragrance Polo Earth

Amidst the ongoing environmental dilemma, Ralph Lauren launches their newly introduced eco-friendly fragrance. Polo Earth.

Ralph Lauren’s endearing legacy in the fashion industry has solidified itself not only because of the virtue of its quality products but also for its constant effort to remain more than just an industrial behemoth. Ralph Lauren’s humanitarian efforts were recently made clear with their fashion line, Earth Polo, a line of clothing made of mostly recycled material with the aim of raising environmental awareness, with ads purely focusing on the hazard of consumption.

This year, they have announced Polo Earth Eau de Toilette, a new, unisex fragrance as a new complementary initiative to their efforts towards a new environmentally woke direction.

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Polo Earth Eau de Toilette

Polo Earth notably has 97 percent natural origins to honour the exquisite marvel that is nature with seven integral ingredients. This floral, fresh scent strikes a balance between the citrus of bergamot, vibrancy of mandarin, freshness of lavender, and herbal richness of sage and vetiver.

The particular perfume bottle is consciously designed with an eco-friendly, minimalistic mindset. It is a refillable, non-disposable bottle created from recycled glass as well as an FSC-certified wood cap. The carton is made of 55 percent recycled material. It is also noteworthy to mention that they excluded the cellophane wrapping from their packaging to minimize plastic waste. Moreover, it is accented with an FSC-certified paper label on the front. FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council, and it entails natural material from the woods, with the aim of protecting said woods.

Polo Earth Eau de Toilette

It is a purposeful fragrance which was created with plant-based alcohol and no animal-derived ingredients, meaning that no animals were harmed in the making of this fragrance. The huge selling point is that the Arbor Day Foundation is cooperating with Ralph Lauren, for the latter commits to planting a tree for every purchase of the 3.4 oz/ 100 mL or 6.7 oz/ 200 mL Eau de Toilette. Usually, similar initiatives concern clothing brands, but this time, Ralph Lauren executives are going the extra mile to appease their nature-loving consumers with an all-natural, eco-friendly perfume.

Polo Earth Store
Polo Earth Store

97 percent of the ingredients in this fragrance are referred to as “Polo Earth.” They are extracted from natural resources that include the finest of top notes, for instance, bergamot, Italian green mandarin and diva lavender from France. The middle notes contain Turkish rose and sage heart, and the base notes have Haitian vetiver and bourbon geranium from Madagascar. Remarkably, Sulfates, artificial preservatives and colourants were not used in the production process, hence the eco-friendly aspect of this release.

By any stretch of the imagination, this is hardly the company’s first big eco-friendly initiative. In May 2021, Ralph Lauren revealed their Color on Demand technology, which recycles all of the water from its dyes, bringing to light the world’s first zero wastewater cotton dyeing system.  In addition, the 2022 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony uniforms created for Team USA featured recycled polyester fibres made from post-consumer plastic bottles.

Polo Earth is available on the official website in 40ml priced at $68 USD, 100ml priced at $106 USD and 200ml refill priced at $152 USD Eau de Toilette.

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