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Rammstein Engel Pure: A Serene Ballad

German rock band Ramstein has added a new release to their ever-expanding portfolio of fragrances called Engel Pure. The band has previously released 15 other perfumes with interesting accords such as fish, blood, and gasoline. Engel Pure is based off the note of cannabis.

Rammstein Engel Pure
Rammstein Engel Pure

Engel Pure starts its rhythmic melody with Sichuan pepper, also known as Chinese pepper, with it’s cool citrus and spicy prick, that evolves into an herbal cannabis note. The green woodiness of vetiver flirts with the cannabis to synergize into a serene accord. As the base comes to life and you are fully immersed in the jam, green grapefruit gives way to bolster an elemi resin with its green lemony pine facets.


Rammstein is certainly no stranger to using less mainstream accords to display the same artfulness that is contained in their music, with Engel Pure being no different containing cannabis, which is still taboo in some areas. The brand continues to evolve and provide us with exciting releases in a sometimes-saturated market of celebrity perfumes.


Engel comes in a dark black spray bottle that is emblazoned with Rammstein’s logo on the front. It only comes in 100ml format for a very fair price of 29.90 Euros. It is currently available in the EU and Germany, except Sweden and Finland