Diptyque Eau Duelle EDT

Diptyque Eau Duelle EDT was launched in 2010 but it remains modern and wearable today. This unique composition of notes of vanilla, elemi, cardamom, juniper, pink pepper, olibanum, tea, ambergris, bergamot, saffron and musk showcases different and unique aspects of the notes in its composition. It is many different things in one and masterfully blended. It manages to be light and have depth at the same time, fresh and warm, airy and deep. It is a vanilla I am not used to. I usually like my vanillas rich, thick, sweet, syrupy and this is nothing  like that. This is also exactly the reason I reach for it the most; it is easy and not overpowering but it is certainly unique and not a safe blind buy. It has a distinct green character to it that you have to like in order to fully appreciate this fragrance. It starts off fresh and green and quickly settles into an airy, cozy, enveloping vanilla that stays closer to the skin. I find the longevity to be average but keep in mind this is the review for the EDT formulation. This scent is available as an EDP as well but I haven’t had the chance to try that version. Overall, I do think this is worth seeking out if you enjoy green aspects to your fragrances and arein the market for a not-gourmand vanilla that is versatile, unisex and appropriate for many different occasions.

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