Gucci Memoire d’une Odeur

Thinking of soothing and relaxing fragrances after purchasing Elie Tahari EDP last week, this one came to mind as well. Gucci Memoire d’une Odeur is the one I haven’t been using as much as I thought I would but I can’t deny that it is a lovely perfume. Maybe not for everybody’s taste as it has received a lot of hate in fragrance community and maybe not signature scent worthy because it doesn’t have that oomph that would make it stand out in that sense but it certainly is unique and it is something I would reach for in stressful times.
To me, this is mostly soft, aromatic and powdery chamomile. Like smelling dry, slightly crushed and dusty chamomile flowers just before you make the tea. There are touches of bitter almond and translucent musk to it as well. It is light and inoffensive with a clean, out if the shower quality to it. There is jasmine in the notes although I personally don’t find it to be a prominent note, or at least not in the traditional sense the flower is normally used in perfumery. The dry down brings out the sandalwood, cedar and musk is still very much present. I don’t get the vanilla. I must say that I do like the opening better than the dry down because I find it more interesting and unique with the herbal, dusty chamomile. This is something I would wear at home after five pm, on a day off with a tea in my hand, or for a peaceful stroll in the nature. I see it as perfect for this because it is soft, it stays close to the skin and it has a very relaxing, comforting air about it. Although I find it inoffensive I still think this is not a safe blind buy and I would test before committing to a full bottle.



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