L’interdit Rouge – A stunning scent and bottle

As an unconditional fan of the l’interdit line I couldn’t be more excited about this new release.

A very sophisticated floral, woody and slightly amber scent. The opening is very spicy and slightly citrus.

After the drydown it becomes very dense, sweet and bold. The patchouli and woody notes are quite intense.

The tuberose note is the same in all L’interdit line, so if you like them you will probabily like this one. I think it’s closer to l’interdit Intense, they both have a dark and mysterious side.

I loved it from the first spray, it was my best blind buy, for now. (But I don’t recommend it, testing is the right thing to do)

I will use and abuse it during fall and winter days although I’ve tested during a summer day and loved it. Just 3 sprays and it was enough to last all day. I think it might be suitable for a cold summer or spring night as well.

The performance is amazing, lasts all day long and the sillage is enormous.

Another fantastic creation.



Cheirinha Silva

Portuguese fraghead. I love discovering new scents and fragrance notes. Hope you like my posts ! 🙂


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