Nishane Hundred Silent Ways

Nishane Hundred Silent Ways was launched in 2016 but it is fairly new to my collection. It is marketed as a unisex fragrance that to me personally leans slightly feminine although I wouldn’t mind smelling it on a man either. In the opening there is a beautiful combination of ripe peach and subtle but rich tuberose flowers. As the gardenia and jasmine emerge in the heart, the fragrance develops a creamy dimension with the orris giving it a slightly powdery touch. The orris, however takes a back seat in this composition on my skin, and the overall feel is smooth and creamy, not powdery. Creamy white florals supported by warm, sumptuous and slightly smoky vanilla are the star of the show. It is a delicate fragrance with a backbone, exquisitely blended with every note working in synergy and bringing this composition to a completely different level than other ones in this category. It comes as a extrait de parfum and the performance justifies the price, high quality with the intoxicating trail and 10+ hours of longevity. This is everything I want in a perfume.


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