Sinbad Lubin (Rose series)

When i heard about this fragrance i thought it would be adventurous, but also i remember a story (can’t remember exactly) where he washed his hands with water and it smelled like rose with orange. Also how much he loves incense etc. So when i smelled, it reminded me of this story.


This is a Fresh, Rose , Cinnamon, sandalwood and Orange fragrance.

This scent will make you change your mood to happy.


Its start with citrusy fresh with good rose and a little spicy.

Few minutes in the Rose get very easily recognised with orange and cinnamon with touch of sandalwood along with a little hint smoky vibe with good orange with a some vanilla.


But after 45 mins you will smell more Fresh, Rose , Cinnamon, sandalwood and Orange


The main player are if i had to pick is Rose, Orange and Sandalwood.


This fragrance tell a story.


Good performance with moderate projection but i find this very unique.

Suleman Sheikh

My name is suleman, Fragrance reviewer I have experience in fragrance, cars, science. Dont mind sharing what i know. Based in Saudi Arabia

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