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Roberto Cavalli launches Two New Iris Fragrances Under The Gold Collection

Italian designer Roberto Cavalli has released two new iris-centric creations into their Gold Collection, Bloodiris, and Woodiris. These two perfumes are exclusive to the Middle Eastern market at the time of writing.

Roberto Cavalli Bloodiris- IFragranceofficial
Roberto Cavalli

Roberto Cavalli Bloodiris:

Capturing the essence of “blue gold” from the Italian region of Tuscany, Bloodiris focuses on the floral aspects of the valuable orris plant. The top reveals a tangy blood orange, from which the perfume gets it name, that melds into turmeric and valuable orris concrete. The fragrance finishes with softly radiating cashmeran and musk to create an elegantly perfumed utopia.

Roberto Cavalli Bloodiris- IFragranceofficial
Roberto Cavalli Bloodiris

Perfumer: Fanny Bal


Top – Blood Orange

Heart – Orris Concrete and Turmeric Root

Base – Cashmeran and Musk

Roberto Cavalli Woodiris:

Roberto Cavalli Woodiris
Roberto Cavalli Woodiris

Woodiris is another nod towards the precious orris plant, but in a woodier fashion. Mandora is a rarely used perfume ingredient that is grown exclusively in Cyprus and is a cross between mandarin and orange. This shimmering citrus is met with bitter orange and luxurious blue orris. The base reveals the enticing woodiness of sandalwood and patchouli with smooth musk.

Roberto Cavalli Woodiris

Perfumer: Yann Vasnier


Top – Mandora and Bitter Orange 

Heart – Blue Orris

Base– Patchouli, Sandalwood, and Musk

The bottles come in a navy blue with golden caps that have the “RC” monogram affixed to them. The packaging features a golden leopard print with the same navy background as the bottles. They are both 100ml and cost 1175 SAR and are sold exclusively at Faces