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Roja Harrods Exclusives: A Luxurious Fragrance Trio

“Harrods” is a relatively new line of three creations by Roja Dove made exclusively for Harrods to celebrate their long relationship. The idea behind these three utterly luxurious fragrances is to create scents that represent the spirit of the upscaled and high-class Harrods, in which every department is full of exotic fine items from all around the world. To live up to the store’s notoriously high-quality, Roja Dove chose to represent these three pearls with exquisite scent profiles.

Before we embark on the journey that is the Harrod’s trio, let’s dive into the details a bit. The line simply called “Harrods” was launched in 2019 in a Parfum concentration, available in a 100ml size. Not to be confused with the line previously launched back in 2015 called “H – The Exclusive” which each comes in different plaques and bottle sizes. The 2019 fragrances are not in the same vein in the sense of scent profiles either. Therefore, we really can’t call them flankers.

harrods aoud
Harrods Aoud

Harrods Aoud

Let’s start off with the strongest and the most unique one. The fragrance title alludes to the use of Oud, an ancient raw material at its core. Although, it is hardly reminiscent of the profiles that Oud would lend itself to. It’s a composition that is rather built around the aromatic green earthiness of Patchouli, along with a smoky and rich resinous Frankincense. If I must simplify it, It has a resemblance to Creed’s Royal Oud and Spice & Wood. I’m not saying that Aoud is a combination of those two but I think a fan of those two scents would appreciate this.

The opening is very green and fresh due to sharply aromatic Artemisia which is used in Vermouth’s to give it that distinctive bitter green and herbal odour. The classic aldehyde pushes the airy Rose forward a bit in the opening but settles in the background.

As the bright day in a rainforest effect settles, soily green earthiness from the Patchouli quickly rises. Then, there is the powerful note of Cyriol that has the tendency to mimic the Oud or resemble that dark woody, Oudy feel. The slight animalic facets from natural Ambrette are quite prominent in the mid but move back as soon as the resins from Myrrh and Frankincense start to take the main stage. These give off an ambiguously cool but dense effect.

The dry down takes a couple of hours to arrive but for me, it’s the most regal part of the scent life circle. The Oud accompanied with forward pushing Cyriol started to shine a bit more along with a sensuous and dry Cinnamon bar. There are some other notable factors in this scent: A warm Ambery accord with soft, leathery Labdanum, vanillic Benzoin along with Cashmere Wood and a creamy Sandalwood note which smoothes out the rough patches.

harrods Parfum Pour Homme
Harrods Parfum Pour Homme

Harrods Parfum Pour Homme

Now, this is THE Fougere! It’s not quite like Tom Ford’s sharp and slightly Ambery “Beau de Jour” nor Jean Paul Gaultier’s playful and fresh “Le Male”. This has strong similarities to classic and old school Fougeres like Aramis and Fougère Royale by Houbigant, quite powerful and intense in the base but still have an unexplainable contemporary feel to them. I mean this doesn’t smell like my grandpa at all which is interesting.

Harrods Homme starts off with a big burst of Citruses along with a distinctive herbal aromatic Fougere-styled scent, powered by Lavender and Thyme. The juicy Bitter Orange gives off that zingy but sweet feel and modernizes the old-school profile.

After the initial burst of the powerful aromatic combo, the core rises up quite quickly. The classic raw material to compose a Fougere such as fresh earthy Patchouli and Oakmoss along with a touch of airy Geranium and Neroli. What makes this contemporary is the use of synthesized Ambrarome Absolute which is a bit of an animalic, intensely ambery, woody and Ambergris-like concoction. It feels warm and invigorating at the same time. Like a brightly bursting Sun on a spring day.

If the scent can be described as a person, this would be a young guy in his late 20s from a wealthy family. Despite the throwback vibes it has, I find this scent to be rather a modernized version of the old school profile.

harrods Parfum Pour Femme
harrods Parfum Pour Femme

Harrods Parfum Pour Femme

And last but definitely not least, the female counterpart which I find quite unisex leaning in the dry down. It’s a chic fruity-floral composition, the kind of odour you’d smell in a Japanese garden in spring.

A big bouquet of glorious May Rose, pure and indolic Tuberose and Magnolia accompanied with soft and just-about-to-ripen Cherry. There’s a daytime sparkle from Pink Pepper that acts as shimmering water drops on flowers and leaves against the sunshine after the rain. Around this romantic scene of the springtime is a big and fluffy blanket of smooth Sandalwood, Vanilla and Cashmir Wood making it very enchanting to smell in the air. The Ambery facets from Labdanum and Benzoin with the soft and tamed earthiness of Oud round out the scent.

This is a truly elegant and chic composition, well suited for the spirit of Harrods. This has a resemblance to Roja’s other marvellous floral compositions such as “NuWa” and the Roja Dove Haute Parfumerie’s exclusive “Lakme” as I previously reviewed.

Harrods Exclusives trio
Harrods Exclusives trio


The Harrods Collection is truly made for its customers. Each of them reminiscing the realms of ultimate luxury in the way everyone knows and understands. All of the three scents have a very similar scent profile to the classic perfumery of Roja, with slight twists to them all. They feel very refined and regal smelling without being tastelessly bougie. The one that has a special place in my heart is Pour Femme for its uniqueness and modesty while hiding a naughty smile.

These all come in 100ml bottles, accompanied by Harrod’s green Swarovski Crystal caps. Each retails for $650 USD and is exclusively available in Harrods, RDHP in Harrods and their official online shop.

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