Roja Lakmé A Story Of A Fragrance Song
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Roja Lakmé: A Story Of A Fragrance Song

As we are excitedly waiting for Turandot to launch, let’s talk about its predecessor or as I’d call it, its older sibling which is reminiscent of love that is delicate and fragile but intense in affection and feeling.

Roja Lakmé A Story Of A Song
Roja Lakmé A Story Of A Song

Roja Lakmé starts off bright and aromatic. Among the big bouquet of flowers in the opening, two types of flowers stand out the most. Rose and Iris dance together harmonically on top of a plate of peach, reminiscent of the iconic “Flower Duet” sung by Lakmé and her mate.

This angelic combo is pushed forward by Aldehydes which makes it feel so sparking and almost translucent. Lily-of-the-Valley (also known as “la clochette du bonheur”, eng. “the bell of happiness”) and Magnolia join to create a bright floral sensation that purifies the floral facets, making the composition more indolic, fresh and pure; just like a white flower garden after raining.

Beneath it all, there’s a warm base formed by Benzoin, Vanilla and Casimir wood merging with smooth and creamy Indian Sandalwood, which refers to the location of the story. It has a slight dark facet of Aoud and frankincense which is meant to be a homage to Oman, where the opera was performed. In the far dry down, it becomes muskier but the composition remains clean and those dark facets stay as supportive notes – giving depth to the composition.

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Roja Lakmé A Story Of A Song

This is a very romantic and heartwarming scent – just like a love of Lakmé to Gérald. I feel calm and a bit moody while wearing it. It’s one of those scents that allure you in and hug you tight. It’s like watching a flower blooming. The excitement is like when you want someone so bad and cannot wait to meet him/her and spend time with them for eternity. Despite the tragic end of the opera, I feel the scent focused on a more happy scene, in Act I where the most famous song “The Flower Duet” was performed and how attractive and pure “Bell Song” sounds.

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