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Rose D’Arabie: The Medieval Arabic Tales from 1001 Nights

Today I’d like to talk about a classic fragrance that has been out for ages, over a decade actually. Armani has always been one of my favourite houses way back before diving into the wonderland of scents. I’ve always been wearing Armani clothing and accessories like watches and bags. I consider them to be very classic and modest, simple elegance with modern touches – timeless sophistication – as I identify the style to suit my taste.

Rose D'Arabie The Unforbidden Love
Rose D’Arabie

When we are talking about “La Collection Mille et Une Nuits” which I find incredibly fascinating as a collection of oriental scents. Apart from this fragrance, my other favourite is a long discontinued Myrrhe Imperiale! “The Arabian Rose” got me into Rose-Oud combos. It also made me love and appreciate roses that are a bit sweeter and jammy.

The scent barely needs an introduction. Rose d’Arabie brought a scent that was relatively unknown from the East, added some Italian charms to it and made it more appealing to the West. Boy, what they have done, it has turned into a huge success and is still a best-seller from the line today!

Rose d’Arabie introduces itself with such a big overdose of Rose. It’s inviting, luminous and glorious with a few dark edges as a whisper of an ambiguous seducer – mysterious and unpredictable. Soon the iconic ingredients of the East with a twist of the West, as we call Western Oud joins in which darkens the competition. It’s rather smooth, dark woodsy and smoky, rather than animalic and pungent. So, with no doubt, it plays a supporting role here. The Rose lay on a golden Amber base – like a forgotten rose on golden sand in the middle of the endless Sahara. Beneath, It has some earthy facets which are a bit green and woody, coming from Patchouli.

Rose d’Arabie is one of those fragrances that deserves to be tested on the skin in order to experience its true character. It’s linear and a bit shallow on paper but when you put it on your skin, it’s like travelling to the place your mind immediately creates.

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