Sandal Ruby
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Sandal Ruby by Carolina Herrera: A Unique Take on Sandalwood

The average white floral scent is met with this pre-conceived notion of being pretty, dewy, luminous and just enough indolic. Some ultra-bold white floral fragrances that we have seen and tested on the market break the glass ceiling, and only the true daring mindsets are able to venture into uncharted territories. Surprisingly, I haven’t smelled a tuberose fragrance centred on smoky patchouli and peppery spices like Sandal Ruby by Carolina Herrera.

Sandal Ruby
Sandal Ruby

Sandal Ruby is part of the Confidential line and most definitely has the potential to be recognized as one of the unique and assertive, asexual, amber white florals that a fanatic fragrance lover can appreciate. This fragrance is bold and drop-dead gorgeous from the get-go. The spices swirl around the dense fleshy Tuberose to intensify the charisma of this enticing floral. The peppery nuance lends a twist and embarks on the journey, moreover, the woods lay on the creamy ground for the wearer to enjoy a smooth ride towards the end of the wear.

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Sandal Ruby

In the opening, we are greeted with the finest fragrant cinnamon that gives the composition a somewhat dusty and dry sensation, joining the peppery edge. The Tuberose comes along to inject its floral aroma through the veins of these spices and peppers which, over time, lend a florential tone to the mix.

For as long as two hours, the fragrance lingers and leaves a strong projection. Be warned though, the scent can get a bit overwhelming if you don’t control your sprays. A green tone pops up from time to time, adding elegance to the composition. Eventually, the mysterious, warm and sensual sandalwood emerges from between all the above notes in a manner that feels almost remedial in the most ethereal way possible.

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The fragrance has a tad bit of a masculine vibe, but for anyone on the hunt for a unique take on white floral, there’s no better option than Sandal Suby. It is a dark fragrance, yet the milky traits of sandalwood and Tuberose soften the composition in the dry down phase, making it a perfect choice for your dressy night out.

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Sandal Ruby is a perfect fall/winter scent, and I find it quite seasonal. The association with pulling out your fall coats and cashmere scarves, knee-high boots and a classic red handbag go in tandem with the bold red exterior and suave exotic interior of Sandal Ruby. I would highly recommend adding this fragrance to your wish list this fall and get familiar with it.

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