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Santal Calling by Ex Nihilo: Will You Heed The Call?

The avant-garde Parisian house, Ex Nihilo, is known among the fragrance industry for their edgy and innovative fragrant creations in their long and extensive catalogue of perfumes thanks to their implementation of the most exclusive material and their sheer defiance of rules. Recently, the house announced their newest entry in the perfumery market; EX NIHILO will release Santal Calling Eau De Parfum to end this summer with a bang.

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Santal Calling Eau De Parfum is expected to deliver unique and niche quality scent thanks to the brilliant and talented Perfumer, Antoine Maisondieu, behind the helm. He meticulously examined the exceptional properties of Australian Sandalwood and the mystical energy it emits. Then, he thought about how he could relate it to modern Parisian inspirations. The end result is this bright and comfortable scent that will leave you craving for more.

EX Nihilo Santal Calling
EX Nihilo Santal Calling

Top notes: Nutmeg, Milky Accord

Middle notes: Iris, Rose

Base notes: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Musk

Santal Calling, for Ex Nihilo, is magic incarnate, a spell that will leave people spellbound with its subtle mix of delicate Musks and irresistible Milky accord. The house also promises enchanting sillage thanks to sandalwood and the intense Vanilla Bourbon from Madagascar. The concept behind this unique note composition is to reformulate the classic woody note of Sandalwood and Vanilla by mixing them with soft Milky accord created in the laboratory

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Santal Calling Eau De Parfum arrives in a classy-looking bottle made of transparent glass with a luxurious golden cap with intertwined patterns, with the brand’s and release’s name on the print.

EX Nihilo Santal Calling
EX Nihilo Santal Calling

The new fragrance is currently available on the official website in 50 ml and 100 ml Eau de Parfum.

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