Santal Dan Sha
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Santal Dan Sha by Giorgio Armani: Once Upon a Scent

Giorgio Armani has just announced the launch of SANTAL DĀN SHĀ, a new fragrance under the mesmerizing Armani Prive Line which has received great acclaim since its inception in 2004. Armani wanted to capture the essence of his Haute Couture collections and refine it with precious ingredients.

Since 2004, Giorgio Armani has translated the essence of his Haute Couture collections into unique fragrances with precious, finely crafted ingredients conveying an uncompromising perfection. The Privé Haute Couture is home for four collections of exquisite scents: Les EauxLa CollectionLes Terres Précieuses and Les Mille et Une Nuits. The new release, SANTAL DĀN SHĀ, is set to join the latest Les Eaux and show the world a new sensual and sparkling dimension to the collection.

Armani Prive Santal Dan Sha
Armani Prive Santal Dan Sha

SANTAL DĀN SHĀ embodies the uplifting and serene Chinese imperial palaces and their awe-inspiring regal gardens and their lush land captivating landscape. It is a scent that celebrates summertime breeze at dusk as well as the aroma of trees and the peacefulness and freshness of the lake around them. The master perfumer behind this releases is none other than the talented, Fabrice Pellegrin. The perfume does such a wonderful job conveying its mood thanks to an interesting composition of notes. The sandalwood used here is the inspiration behind the fragrance name thanks to its rich, cinnabar-toned color, which is known in China as dān sha. The sandalwood also evokes a feeling of oneness and harmony with nature.

Santal Dan Sha

Santal Dan Sha’s woody yet refreshing scent gives you the feeling of breeze drifting through the imperial palaces’ gardens. It combines the balmy sensuality of Sandalwood with the sparkling freshness of Bergamot, and the aromatic spices of Cardamom, ultimately creating this dreamy and majestic impression. The top notes open with fresh, juicy, and sparkling premium Bergamot Heart from Calabria, Italy. This blends with warm, peppery Cardamom Heart from Guatemala with a Violet Leaf accord nuance.


The middle notes offer Elemi, a resin extracted from tropical trees, accompanied by Incense extract and Musks for a more lingering effect. The Cardamom Heart from Guatemala is extracted by steam distillation and CO2 fractionation, resulting in a pure extract with sparkling, radiant, aromatic, and peppery facets and finally, at its base, we get Sandalwood from the South Pacific Island of New Caledonia, extracted by a water vapor distillation process, to create its creamy, sensual effect. The creamy Sandalwood is also blended with Virginia Cedar Essence and Dreamwood, the latter being a technological note that amplifies the natural Sandalwood.

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The new Fragrance is currently available on the official website in 50 ML and 100 ML Eau de Toilette.


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