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Scentstory 24 Gold Review: Is All the Glitters Gold?

Today let’s look at a perfume that was quite popular in the fragrance community at one time – 24 Gold, a perfume composed by Jordi Fernandez for ScentStory. This fragrance was also tied in with the eponymous TV series starring Kiefer Sutherland as the protagonist Jack Bauer.

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Right away it’s quite evident that 24 Gold is in the style of Middle Eastern fragrances with that prominent combo of vanilla and oud. Yet, the oud used in this composition is a synthetic rendition. To my nose, it has a little bit of that rubbery quality akin to the synthetic oud accord used in Mancera’s Aoud Vanille.

But overall, the opening is quite sweet and creamy with some intriguing smokey facets provided through the tar-like facets of guaiac wood. Although jasmine is listed, the floral note’s role here is characterized by a voluptuous smoothness further binding the woods to the sweeter components of the fragrance. Shortly into the wearing experience, the profile becomes noticeably woodier thanks to some sandalwood and a bit of cedar to soften the edges.

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There is somewhat of a suggestion of spiciness probably originating from an interaction between the sandalwood and the more vanillic aspects, yet I would in no way call 24 Gold a spicy concoction. Anise is mentioned as being a part of the note pyramid, although to my nose it doesn’t seem very prominent. The presence of anise seems to be more of a supporting function for the other notes.

24 gold
24 gold

As 24 Gold progresses into the dry down, it becomes decidedly more of a vanilla-centric creation balancing on supporting pillars of amber and woods with the smokiness of the initial phases dissipating into the background. Even here, the creaminess persists in part to the peculiar usage of ylang-ylang as a base note. Although it is a floral ingredient, there is nothing blossomy or efflorescent in the way it is present in 24 Gold.

Longevity is quite good for this fragrance, although I suspect I may have one of the more recent formulations. Still, you can be assured of having 24 Gold last all day, especially when sprayed on clothes. This can easily be worn all year round with colder days being those instances where it would shine.

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It also can make a great choice for those just getting familiar with oud fragrances (even though it is synthetic in this case). Back before it was discontinued, the pricing for 24 Gold was quite accessible and cheap, offering tremendous value. In the past couple of years, it has become more of a collector’s item, but bottles can still be had for around $50 or so if you look. So, I definitely recommend checking it out to those on the hunt for Middle Eastern-style fragrances that are on the cheaper side.