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ScentXplore 2021: Set to Return Bigger and Better Than Ever

On December 4th, ScentXplore will conduct its third edition of the niche fragrance convention, its second online instalment.

The first edition of “Comic-Con for fragrance lovers” was held in the Fashion District of New York City. Now, the convention is forced to be conducted online due to ongoing concerns over COVID-19 and accessibility.

Through Zoom, participants will be given the opportunity to listen and speak to important names in the fragrance community. Amidst the content creators and perfumers, over thirty brands will be joining the show this year!

In an exclusive interview with Max Forti, Founder of ScentXplore and YouTube extraordinaire, Forti outlines the reasons behind keeping a virtual aspect of the show for the foreseeable future.

Forti touches on the virtual aspect of ScentXplore

The simple purchase of a ticket will garner fragrance lovers access to this event. The early bird special was $20 USD, whilst tickets are currently available for $30 USD on the ScentXplore website.

Once the purchase is made, you will receive a plethora of fragrance-related goodies. The current “Last Chance” ticket places you in a raffle to win a trip to Oman for the authentic Amouage Experience and a 40+ fragrance bottle giveaway. As well, you’ll be given the opportunity to listen to the Michael Edwards Masterclass.

Forti on what to expect at the show

Those who couldn’t purchase the early bird ticket will miss out on sample bags and pre-event giveaways. But don’t worry! Max has you covered.

Forti on ticket acess

The day is chock-full of intriguing fragrance content, which can be found here. The ScentXplore convention gives fragrance lovers access to some of their favourite individuals in the fragrance game, as well as the chance to win some terrific giveaways. All in all, this is a unique and perfect event for fragrance junkies.