School of Scent

School of Scent: A Growing Fragrance Content Creator With Some Exciting News for 2022

“I took a very basic photograph of my favourite fragrance, Light Blue Intense, put it up in a nice, sunlit window sill and thought “This is a nice picture”. There we go, put it on Instagram, just get started.”

From that day onward, Omar from School of Scent would find himself creating content. First was Instagram, then came Tiktok and YouTube shortly afterwards. When you consume content on the School of Scent, you are treated to videos from someone who is just like you and me. 

Omar of School of Scent touches on his content

Omar has been taking the fragrance community by storm. On his Instagram, you can find photos and reels pertaining to all facets of fragrance. When scrolling through Tiktok, you occasionally see the goofier side of Omar.

Here is where you will often find him duetting videos. In these stitches, he’s critiquing advice and giving some of his own. Sometimes you may even be lucky enough to spot the wild “Cologne-a-Saurus Rex”. 

Finally, on his YouTube is where Omar’s content creation shines. Due to his longer-form videos, viewers are able to immerse themselves in the information. The School of Scent YouTube account posts a variety of content, including top ten lists and reviewing his viewer’s collections. Find out which videos he enjoys creating the most below!

Omar reveals his favourite video to create

Omar has amassed over half a million followers across the three platforms and in 2022, he hopes to expand further. In our interview, he told me a little bit about the fragrance that he is developing and the reasons behind certain decisions.

Omar expands on his upcoming fragrance

Whether you’re new to the fragrance community or you’re a long-time veteran, School of Scent has content for you. Omar produces videos for those who need a quick fix or can afford to sit and enjoy 10 plus minutes of fragrance-related content.

Currently, Omar is taking a break from Tiktok and Instagram in order to grow his YouTube following and enjoy the process. In the future, Omar hopes to bring his viewers along on the journey of creating his own fragrance.