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A Guide to Xerjoff Fragrances for Every Season

I usually wouldn’t brag about a brand unless it is held in high esteem among other industry giants. Luxury Italian fragrance house “Xerjoff,” founded by Sergio Momo in 2006, is one of the few niche fragrance houses which I genuinely feel has something exceptional about them, not only their scents but also their excellent packaging. Sergio Momo launched the brand to blend the most luxurious materials to complement affluent global lifestyles through a combination of old-world craftsmanship, rare raw materials and a contemporary artistic sensibility.

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Years of diligent research and development have led the brand to a number of successful releases, led by industry experts and leading artisans. The house proudly holds 136 exquisite perfumes in their catalogue, making Xerjoff one of the top-tier niche fragrance houses, symbolizing pride and extravaganza.

This is the brand whose releases I own the most in my personal collection, and I have thought about many different impressions of selected releases to write about in my review.  Out of all the 29 Xerjoff bottles in my collection. I wanted to start with 6 Xerjoff fragrances for women for the different seasons.

XERJOFF Fatal Charme
XERJOFF Fatal Charme

Xerjoff Fatal Charm: A spring Favourite:

Let’s start with my spring favourite. Xerjoff has an array of powdery florals under its belt, and I have more than one favourite. But I need to talk about “Fatal Charm,” which is rather charming and delightful. This is a bouquet of the smoothest blend of buttery orris, powdery florals, clean aldehydes, and feather-like soft vanilla.

The ultra-feminine composition lays the utmost beautiful sheen on your skin thanks to the opening notes of uncluttered aldehydes and satin-finished creamy white florals. Soon after, the orris butter releases its unwrinkled powdery veil accompanied by the lustrous tobacco blossom which adds a twisted charm of semi-spicy, honeyed nuance

The fragrance tends to be more vanillic and powdery on your skin, and someone who loves her powdery florals for spring couldn’t have chosen anything better than Fatal Charm. Its Projection and longevity are through the roof. It is truly one of the longest-lasting Xerjoffs I have tried. 

Key Notes: Orris root, Aldehydes, Powdery notes, Floral notes, Ambergris, Tobacco blossom

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Accento Overdose

Xerjoff Accento Overdose & Pikoyava Dama: For an invigorating summer:

Summer needs something uplifting, a mood booster that is sparkly and lively. It’s a season everyone looks forward to and the most joyous of them all. For summer, I love my exotic florals with a bit of a fruity touch and lots of aldehydes with a powdery hint. “Accento Overdose” and “Pikoyava Dama” are two of my summer essentials that are irreplaceable and impeccable. 

“Accento Overdose” starts with an absolute decadent fruity and builds an emotional underpinning as a preamble to the most exotic entry of Jasmin sambac and Aldehydes which exudes nothing but an unconditional grace with luminosity and green facets. The Lily of the valley adds a charismatic dimension in conjunction with a pop of Rose on the bed of a fresh, highly saturated aromatic tincture of Eucalyptus and coumarin green balsamic Pine. As the name suggests, the scent is an overdose of elegance and beauty.

Key Notes: Fruity notes, Aldehydes, Green notes, Lily of the valley, Jasmine sambac, Eucalyptus and Pine

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xerjoff pikovaya dama

Pikoyava Dama is my collection’s most opulent aldehydic blend, which is a dress-up aldehyde. It’s modern and fresh at the same time, classic and timeless. This, to me, has been masterfully crafted and is one of the coveted editions to Xerjoff’s Stone Label collection. The perfume opens up with the glistening notes of aldehydes and sharp neroli notes. The iris heart makes it all worth it because it accentuates the aldehydes and other floral notes. The base is all about the white musk and subtle sweetness of vanilla, making the experience more than perfect.

Key Notes: Aldehydes, Neroli, Bergamot, Iris, Rose, Cedar, Musk, Vanilla

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xerjoff ivory route

Xerjoff Ivory Route: A must-have for autumn

We have now entered the most colourful and beautiful season. The atmosphere and breeze in autumn is said to have unspoken healing power. You take a walk on the crunchy leaves on a gloomy cold autumn afternoon or hike through the woods accompanied only by the growling slosh of the creeks or simply sitting in solitude in a park as you sip through your hot coffee. Every street corner looks like a painting.

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No other fragrance can be more fitting for autumn than “Ivory Route”, and I feel like my words cannot do justice to this spicy, vanillic, and woody patchouli scent. One needs to experience the aroma of this scent to really understand the intricacy of this composition. This is a drop-dead gorgeous seasoned patchouli which has an exceptional nuanced character. The patchouli has warmth, yet it has some freshness. Spicy notes in perfumery can be tricky, but in Ivory Route’s case, I have to say just one word about the spices, “Decadent.” All I can tell you is to try Ivory route this fall and see if it pushes the right buttons for you.

Key Notes: Patchouli, spices, woody notes.

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Xerjoff Starlight & Alexandria III: To warm up your winter

Winter can be brutally cold but it offers some warmth in a sense. It’s the season of festivities, bonding, spirituality and celebration. I wanted to keep at least one gourmand category for this article, and what better season to wear your sweetest perfumes than winter!I love the note of cardamom but to come across a dominant cardamom scen,t which feels and smells realistic, is not very common. Xerjoff has quite a few cardamom-forward aromas, but the one that stood out the most to me is “Starlight,” and what a delightful cardamom scent it is!

I love to sniff cardamom pods out of the jar whenever I am cooking, and starlight gives off that creamy, sweet, somewhat green, and spicy experience. It has some savoury notes like cinnamon, caramel, almond, and amber. All of these come together to bring about the best and most appropriate scent for the cozy winter. Starlight’s longevity and projection are phenomenal, and you’d be wise to stick to the scented bubble because this fragrance lasts hours and days.

Keynotes: Cardamom, Cinamon, almond, caramel, cloves, amber, vanilla

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Last but not least is a recent obsession of mine. I could not end this article without mentioning the oriental Rose “Alexandria III”. Again this is one of those scents that cannot be justified with a few words, and this fragrance is beyond glamorous. This is a powdery and woody rose anchored with Palisander rosewood, lavender and cedar, included in top and heart notes. The base is smoky and smouldering, sitting atop a vanilla and amber base.

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The fragrance leans towards being powdery because of the rose’s inherent quality. The scent is then followed by an oriental and woody sensation, seductive, voluminous and mind-bogglingly. This is your winter date-night rosy oud if you want to opt for anything with this appeal from Xerjoff.

Key notes: Rose, lavender, Cedar, Palisander rosewood, Laotian oud, Thailand oud, vanilla, sandalwood, amber

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