Empress soki london
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Soki London Empress: The First Fragrance by Sophie King

YouTube fragrance influencer Sophie King has released her first perfume called Empress under her own brand, Soki London. Sophie took advice from her community as they helped create and fund the project in collaboration with Ruth Mastenbroek, who has also worked with Jo Malone. Sophie has allowed everyone to see the whole process of creating the perfume on her YouTube channel, which includes everything from note selection to the presentation of the perfume.

Empress soki london
Empress soki london

Empress seeks a celestial fortune in a star-studded industry while remaining down to earth. Featuring the graceful touch of Moroccan rose, which is accentuated by sweet notes of pear, wild strawberry, and toffee. A base note of popcorn creates a familiar yet unique twist to the composition while patchouli adds a smooth woody trail. The goal was to create something elegant and beautiful, while bolstering an enchanting sillage. Sophie set out to create her own perfume due to her dismay with many designer scents and their lack of potency. Empress embodies a bold and feminine woman who has a loving and tender touch.

Empress soki london


Top – Wild Strawberry and Pear

Middle – Moroccan Rose, Peony, and Green Vine Accord

Base – Popcorn, Patchouli, Musk, and Toffee

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Empress is housed in a beautiful lilac bottle that is reminiscent of a nighttime sky painted with twinkles of light. The star-shaped cap represents Sophie’s intrigue with galactic designs and the transparency of the cap fortifies the scent of the perfume, being delicate yet present. The bottle itself is inspired by gemstone treasures foraged from the ancient world of Egypt and Morocco. Empress comes in a 50ml Eau de Parfum Intense concentration. The price is an affordable £69 or $81. It is currently only available in the UK, but it is set to be available worldwide this month.