Spring Fragrances
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Spring Fragrances: A Trio of Spring Pairings to Spruce up Your Closet

Oh baby! Spring is around the corner and as much as I love my heavy winter scents, I’m so excited to give other lighter fragrances some wear time. Warm weather calls for gentle fragrances that give you a natural vibe and aim to lift spirits. 

But, as much as we want to just focus on scents, we have to pair clothing with our delightful fragrances. So here are three spring scents and three pieces of advice to hopefully speed up your decision-making process, allowing you to spend more time where it matters: getting compliments of course!

Spring Fragrances: Unique scent profiles and getting jiggy with patterns 

Spring Fragrances
Spring Fragrances: Paisley Dress Shirt from The Tie Bar

Fun, uplifting patterns are a terrific way to open up your eyes to new styles this spring. I’ve always been a die-hard paisley dress shirt fan and I can assure you that all men need one in their closet.

Whether it’s for a formal event, clubbing or a weekend trip into the city for overpriced coffee, a paisley dress shirt is bound to make a statement. It can be worn with quite any pairing beneath you as well!

For a more formal look, opt for a set of suit trousers and loafers with tassels or brogueing. But, if you’re a fan of a more chill setting, maybe get yourself a pair of white leather sneakers and some light-washed blue jeans. 

Spring Fragrances
Spring Fragrances: A darker take on the outfit described above

In both instances, the paisley shirt does what it needs to do: draws attention into your midsection to hopefully redirect eye contact to your handsome face. 

For women, stripes have entered the fashion scope this year and they’re here to stay. Striped skirts, dresses and tops have been coming from left, right and centre. Brands such as Carolina Herrera and Bottega Veneta have been at the forefront of this movement, releasing elegant pieces with bold designs. 

Spring Fragrances
Spring Fragrances: Striped dress from Bottega Veneta

To pair with your patterns this spring, try out Bistro Waters by D.S. and Durga. This scent is bound to become royalty in your collection of spring fragrances. It’s unisex, citrusy, aquatic and just so easy to like.

My favourite aspect is its infused water aroma. It gives off the deserved delicacy of florals and fruits, while still being aquatic in a refreshing way. Think of the water that you receive at a spa that has been infusing for hours or even days. It truly is that refreshing. 

Spring Fragrances: Easy to wear fragrances with light knit 

I know I mentioned knit sweaters here for the winters but, there’s nothing better than a light knit piece to wear with your favourite spring fragrances.  The best aspect of knit pieces is that they can be found at very cost-effective price points, as well as some astronomical ones.

A personal favourite of mine is a type of wool called Merino. Although Merino sheep were used exclusively in Spain back in the 17th century, the soft material can be found at your local mall. Brands such as Uniqlo, C.P. Company and ibex have used Merino for years.

Spring Fragrances: A technical Merino sweater from C.P. Company

I love Merino for its ability to maintain temperatures. Thicker gauges are terrific for the winter when you need to stay toasty warm. But for the spring, it acts as a great buffer between your skin and the somewhat unpredictable temperatures surrounding you. 

I would recommend the material in sweater form, although jackets are a great option too. Be cautious of purchasing pieces with a small knit gauge if you intend to use the garment in the spring. A Knit gauge can determine the density of your finished product by counting the number of stitches within a one-inch circle. If the gauge is low, then the knit will be heavy. But if the gauge is high, then you’re bound to receive a tight, light knit piece. 

Spring Fragrances: Cow
Spring Fragrances: Zoologist Cow

Picking out your knit piece should be just as easy as picking a scent out of your vast collection of spring fragrances. To make life simple, go ahead and reach for that black and white spotted bottle of Cow by Zoologist. 

Don’t be wary of the milk note, it doesn’t bite. Rather, it plays an integral part in the fragrance’s soothing nature. Notes of Green Apple and Lilies spring to the tip of your tongue as you indulge in the scent. It lives on as a fresh, creamy and floral scent that is more than deserving of its newfound role: dumb reach for the spring. 

Spring Fragrances: Stay classy. Oh and by the way, tailor your damn pants!

The last little piece of advice is quite simple and can be done to any of the pants that currently sit in your wardrobe. Going to a tailor and altering the fit of your pants may be scary at first but it’s really a simple and cost-effective way to completely change a garment. 

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to find a pair of pants that fit you perfectly from the jump. I can tell you mine. Frank & Oak had a pair of trousers in their spring/summer 2021 release which fit me like a glove. I went ahead and bought all four colours because I knew that I would never get that opportunity again. 

Spring Fragrances
Spring Fragrances: Photo from Hockerty of two pairs of pants that have been tailored to the models

Tailoring can mean quite a few things but in this instance, I’m referring to taking in the waist, cropping the bottom of the legs or a combination of the two. These small changes can be done in bulk, as tailors tend to prefer customers bringing in mass amounts of clothing at once. 

As well, this cost-effective change will not only alter the appearance of the piece but can also positively affect how you see yourself in this garment. 

For my male readers, tailoring your waist can stop you from sinching your belt too tight. This tends to cause a puff around your crotch which is offputting and quite unprofessional. As well, touching up the bottom of your pants can help the pair fit more aesthetically, whether that’s taking them in to show off your calves or widening them to sit better on high-top sneakers. 

Acqua di Parma Colonia C.L.U.B
Spring Fragrances: Acqua di Parma Colonia C.L.U.B

Overall, tailoring your pants can help you experience a bit more of a classy, refined look. To finish this newfound aesthetic, reach for a scent created for gentlemen by Acqua di Parma. The entirety of the Colonia collection will do, although I wear and have more appreciation for the Intensa flanker. 

All of the scents from this line feature a potent citrus accord that mixes with your choice of woods or Fougere spices. I prefer Intensa due to the Ginger accord. It gives me very modern businessman vibes, slowly moving away from the old-school style of men’s perfumery.

Spring Fragrances: The conclusion

If you choose to take one piece of advice from this article, take this. Wear whatever you want! Spring is a time for joy, and peace and is a great stepping stone to the warmer weather which comes shortly after. 

I’m an individual who spends a lot of time on how I present myself and my wellness. This would include a rigorous skincare regime, countless fragrances and a wardrobe that changes from season to season. If you’re someone like me then I hope you can take away particular something from this article. 

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