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Thameen Peregrina Full Review: Not Your Typical Rose Fragrance

Thameen: A British niche and luxury brand

Have you ever heard of the house of Thameen? Launched in 2013, Thameen London was founded by Basel Bin Jabr and is inspired by the world of jewels and scents with astonishing stories behind them. The brand’s vision is to bring together Eastern opulence and Western refinement. Today, we will discuss about Peregrina, one of the best fragrances offered by Thameen that perfectly represents the house’s essence.

Thameen Peregrina

Peregrina: Not your typical rose fragrance

Peregrina was launched in 2019 by a London-based fragrance house Thameen. As part of the treasure collection, Peregrina was created and inspired by one of the world’s most famous pearls La Peregrina. The history of Le Peregrina spans almost 500 years, owned by many Spanish monarchs, and was recently worn and possessed by the famous actress Elizabeth Taylor. Is Peregrina from the house of Thameen able to capture the beauty and the essence of La Peregrina pearl? Let’s take a look at the notes structure of this perfume.

Top Notes: Rose Damascene, lily of the valley, gardenia, jasmine

Heart Notes: Vanilla, caramel, myrrh, ylang ylang

Base Notes: White musk, amber, Poudre

Thameen Peregrina

The Scent:

Reading the top notes of this fragrance, you would have thought this is a predominantly white floral type of fragrance. However, what we get upon the first sniff is a pretty, young, and delicate pink rose. The Damask roses give off an almost watery quality as if they are picked in the early morning when still drenched in the morning dew. The white flowers are indistinguishable notes and play more of a supportive role to the rose, giving this perfume a more rounded soft creaminess up top. Peregrina starts off right with a sparkling, and delightful opening.

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Soon enough, what you will get in the mid of Peregrina is the beautiful, delectable vanilla and caramel dripping on top of the damask rose. At this stage, Peregrina gives off a more Middle Eastern vibe. Surprisingly, I can detect a very soft and smooth oudy quality even though there is no Oud listed in the notes structure. Perhaps, the combination of amber and myrrh is creating this oudy effect.

The oud-like quality and the rose intertwine together giving a romantic Arabian vibe to Peregrina. The facet of this fragrance might remind you of many rose-oud combos that have been done so many times in perfumery such as Oud Bouquet from Lancome, Roses Vanille from Mancera, or Mon Parfum Cristal by M. Micallef. However, Peregrina is still able to have its own unique touch that others do not have.

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Peregrina is sweet without going to the gourmand direction. Its sweetness is delicate and powdery from the vanilla without being suffocating or sickening. The oud-like quality is done in a more Westernized approach to bring some depth to this perfume. All the notes together create this beautiful, delicate, romantic, and mysterious concoction that could be worn and loved by both genders. It could be considered as leaning more feminine to some, but Peregrina would definitely work for both males and females. Peregrina is not a new but surely solid release from the house of Thameen.

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The Performance:

The fragrance has a perfectly beautiful projection. It is nowhere near a beast-mode fragrance, but the beauty of it lies in the way it projects so delicately. Instead of being disruptive or jumping in your face, you will get a nice waft of Peregrina in the air, just the right amount to capture others’ attention. Besides, Peregrina also has really great longevity. The scent will linger on your hair and clothes until the next day. Overall, Peregrina ticks all the boxes to be the next perfect rose fragrance, and it is unique enough to compete with other rose fragrances on the market.

Have you tried Peregrina from Thameen? If not, let’s make trying this fragrance a new resolution for 2023!