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The Bee Bottle: Guerlain Releases a 1-of-1 Art Piece Combining Human Creativity with Animalic Effort

Guerlain has released an exclusive, 1-of-1 fragrance collaboration with Tomáš Libertíny and bees. Titled “The Bee Bottle,” Libertíny left this stunning bottle in a beehive and allowed the insects to work.

This one-off bottle celebrates the house’s icon and is a source of inspiration and commitment. The bee has been an important symbol for Guerlain over the years, and in this fragrance, it takes centre stage.

Guerlain: The Bee Bottle
Guerlain: The Bee Bottle

Libertíny began by drawing designs inside this 1.475ml bottle. He started his sketches on paper like all great artists before applying them to the glass. Libertíny then implements his drawings which consist of delicate, hand-carved bees and a mock honeycomb pattern above.

Once these designs had been placed, the bottle went into a beehive. Bee’s did what they do best. Their work was put into honeycomb-shaped wax as a decorative trim.

Guerlain: The Bee Bottle
Guerlain: The Bee Bottle

“The first time I saw the fruits of their labour when they finished one of my sculptures, time stood still. I couldn’t put my feelings into words,” says Libertíny.

Guerlain and Libertíny decided to cut out a window for the sole owner to enjoy the bee etchings that adorn the bottle’s interior.

Guerlain: The Bee Bottle
Guerlain: The Bee Bottle

“Ever since landing on the iconic Bee Bottle in 1853, the bee has remained a constant source of creative inspiration for our creations and artistic collaborations. A sentinel of the environment now under serious threat, it has transcended the symbolic to become a guide for our sustainable commitment. Guerlain has striven to protect this precious pollinator for over ten years, having devoted to it a number of meaningful partnerships and initiatives within the “Guerlain for Bees Conservation Programme.”

– Guerlain PR Team

Inside the bottle is a fragrance made explicitly and solely for this bottle. Titled “Le Jardin De La Reine”, this fragrance consists of 90% naturally derived ingredients and is concentrated as an Eau de Parfum.

“The floral accord of Bulgarian rose and ylang-ylang reveals a heart of solar white flowers such as tuberose, sambac jasmine and grandiflorum jasmine from Grasse. The sensual, woody base is marked by white musks and moss. An ode to beauty and nature” describes the Guerlain team.

Guerlain: The Bee Bottle
Guerlain: The Bee Bottle

As mentioned above, The Bee Bottle is a 1-of-1. Guerlain specifies on their website that the bottle is unavailable for purchase. However, people may view the bottle upon request of an expert on the official website. It is safe to speculate that the bottle will remain an art piece and be used for viewing purposes only for the time being.

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