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Fragrance talk​

The Ifragrance Weekly Discussion Thread

Welcome to the first weekly instalment of our discussion thread!

In the comments section below, we would love to hear your thoughts and feelings regarding anything fragrance. We want to hear it all! Thoughts, complaints, questions or even advice is welcome in the chat below.

To help guide you along the way, our team will pose a weekly question to get the conversation rolling. This week, we want to know what your favourite purchase of 2021 has been. Personally, it’s been Parfum De Marly Herod. Let us know yours below!

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My best purchase 2021 are two sauvage elixir and la Nuit de l’homme Bleu electrique ..if you have something else you recommend let me know


both are good fragrances also you can try the new Hugo boss bottled gold


I never tried it but I think I will …thanks alot for your recommendations.


Welcome …and thanks for sharing your thoughts

Steve rock

My favorite purchase in 2021 is azzaro the most wanted it’s kinda sweet and woody with good performance.


great choice …


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