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The Smell of the stars “Eau Des Merveilles”

Hermes Eau Des Merveilles smells like stars and dust. I have experienced something extraordinary in this perfume and above all, the magical difference between feeling it on the skin and clothes!

It was a winter day at University and as usual, I was buying my macchiato to go. Whilst I walked down the stairs of the cafeteria, I noticed the sun that day was bright orange. It was winter, yet not cold. A breath of fresh air passed quickly beside my nose as there was a wool grey jacket that transmitted a scent that was reminiscent of shiny, star molecules!

It was not a perfume that I enjoyed upon first smell! I thought maybe it was the sun’s rays that were projecting off of the dried herbs or flowers. Or maybe it could have been the mixture of pleasant smells on this wool grey jacket. Not even two seconds later, a second breath hit my nose, and I trapped it in my memory. From there, I turned my head because the girl in the grey jacket was going up the stairs rather swiftly.

I didn’t see her face, but I peeked over and noticed that the individual was blond, and she most certainly was the bearer of this tremendous scent. What a magical moment! What a coincidence! The sun and shining stars in the middle of a dull, winter day, and bright blond hair.

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Eau Des Merveilles

I thought to myself “oh my god. It’s not possible. It’s not just a perfume, but it’s musical theatrics”. It could have been a scene from a movie. The notes brought out the perception of colours, and each note was dedicated to specific splotches.

I don’t make it a habit of asking someone what perfume they are wearing on any given day. But, today was different. I instantly pulled out my little notebook and began jotting down the notes that came directly to my head. Spices, Amber, notes of an Orange Sun and notes from the Earth such as Wood and Moss.

I went into the perfume shop and began to smell fragrances. When I looked around and smelt all of the bottles, none of them caught my attention. Until I set my eyes on a particular scent from Hermes. It was a round bottle shaped like the sun, radiating orange colour with stars speckled all over the bottle.

So I asked myself, “Is it possible?”

It was one of the most inexplicable experiences that I had ever felt. And just like that, I had the scene from University repeated right in front of me.

Suddenly I was transported back to the stairs of the school. The sun, stars, mild weather, the woman in the grey wool jacket with blond hair. It’s like it was all right in front of me for a second time.

There you have it. The 2004 release by Hermes, Water of Wonders or eau des merveilles.

Photo of Hermes Fragrance being sprayed as a star
Eau Des Merveilles

On the skin, we can notice that the notes change quickly. We start with notes of Orange, Lemon, and Elemi’s resin. Afterwards, there are notes of Cedar Wood with Red Peppers and Black Peppers. The Amber note in this scent is what gives it the starry night feeling.

Once sprayed on clothes, the perfume shows a magical side in which the notes stand out fabulously. It was as if the fragrance was made to be worn on wool.

Woman wearing a sweater who is illumining with fragrance
Eau Des Merveilles

The fabric allows the Citrus, Pepper, Vetiver and Elemi’s incense to come together and work in tandem like the essays of Saint Exupery in the novel “Le Petit Prince”.

What we notice is that the raw material of the wool allows the scent to remain there for a long time. While on the other hand, the skin allows the notes to transform quickly with a beginning of Citrus, a middle note of two different Peppers, and finishing with Amber and Woody notes.

Thank you for reading and have a great week!

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