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TLTG Reviews: A Man of Many Talents

On day 1, he’s hitting chest. Day 2, it’s back. And on day 3, he’s boxing. When Ross Carlos, or TLTG Reviews, isn’t ducking and weaving jabs, he’s being hit by fragrance haymakers. 

I had the pleasure of meeting Ross through a Zoom chat the other day. He’s a super jolly, inviting guy who has a very positive aura surrounding him. Instantly I felt as if we were just two friends catching up for a cup of coffee. Except for the fact that Ross was answering my questions with quite a prowess whilst I sipped on a vegan protein smoothie. 

Ross has been dipping his toes in content creation since July 12th, 2019. He had always wanted to make videos but found himself a little camera shy. Finally, his wife had heard enough. “My wife was like look. I’m going to go in the room, just record something.” 

After releasing a top ten list of not-so-summery citrus fragrances, Ross was hooked. He began pumping out fragrance content, becoming most popular for his extensive work in the cheapies department. 

TLTG Reviews discusses his channels ethos

Ross has always enjoyed affordable fragrances. He mentioned that he’d been collecting since he was 12 and that his favourite scent was a toss-up between Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue or Tommy by Tommy Hilfiger. “If there was a fire in my house. Outside of my own fragrance that I created, I would have to take those two. Just for the nostalgia.”

I was surprised to hear that he didn’t mention a fragrance that had become synonymous with his channel. Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale Blu is a shower gel fragrance that takes hints from a ton of other blue fragrances. I could blabber about it all day, but you might as well hear it from the man himself! 

TLTG Reviews on Salvatore Ferragamo Acqua Essenziale Blu

Due to his hard work and growth, TLTG Reviews had the opportunity to create his own fragrance with George from Zaharoff. Business Over Pleasure is an extension of Ross’ personality, in which he details below.

TLTG Reviews gives us insight on his Zaharoff release

To put it simply, he’s a man of the people. When a handful of his followers asked for fitness content, he delivered. When he’s asked for certain lists, he handles them with ease. The sky is seemingly the limit for someone with that sheer amount of creativity and passion for touching his viewers. 

Linked here is Ross’ Instagram and here is his YouTube channel! For other interviews like this, click here!

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