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Tom Ford Cherry Smoke Full Review: A Union Between The Sweet and Smoky

2022 is a year of cherry fragrances. Every corner that we turn to, there is a brand-new cherry fragrance release to follow the significant success of Tom Ford Lost Cherry. Despite the infamous poor longevity, Tom Ford Lost Cherry has become a solid cult favorite for cherry fragrance lovers. Although there is no official announcement from Tom Ford about a new release of cherry fragrance, we have heard so many rumors as well as started seeing Tom Ford Cherry Smoke being sold on eBay.

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Thanks to my friend, I am one of the very first lucky people who get our hands on this new cherry fragrance from Tom Ford. Will it be a solid and well-thought-out fragrance or just another money-grabbing-after-thought strategy from the brand? Since Tom Ford is now under Estee Lauder, will the latter most likely to be the case? 

Tom Ford Cherry Smoke
Tom Ford Cherry Smoke

Keep in mind that cherry note has been used in perfumery. Somehow this note becomes so popular and trendy in 2022. While everyone runs out to grab the newest cherry fragrance on the market, I just sit back and enjoy the scene. When my friend first offered to lend me his bottle of Tom Ford Cherry Smoke to try, I was even reluctant to accept it because I am not a cherry fragrances fan at the end of the day. Here I am, writing a review of this fragrance.

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Compared to Tom Ford Lost Cherry, this new creation goes into a much deeper and more complex direction. Upon the first sniff, Cherry Smoke opens up with a blast of very juicy, uplifting, mouthwatering and realistic cherry. If you think Lost Cherry is too much of a cherry flavored cough syrup, you would be surprised by how much delightfully realistic cherry aroma Cherry Smoke brings to the table. One of my fraghead friends commented: “This first blast of the beautiful cherry note is surprisingly delightful”. Soon after, the cherry is followed by a very strong Westernized oud. The oud is almost so powerful that the cherry note disappears for a minute.

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If you are afraid of the skanky and dirty oud, this is not that kind of oud. Again, this is a more Westernized but indeed very powerful oud. As soon as I thought oud is going to be the predominant element of Cherry Smoke, a warm, smokey and spicy incense together with a rugged leather come in to play. To me, these are the three extremely powerful notes in perfumery to bring our depth and complexity to a fragrance. Even though in theory, they would most likely compete with each other to be the main character, yet they work so well together in Cherry Smoke to create such dark and mysterious vibe.

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Please note that the cherry is present the whole entire time, but more in a supporting role to the oud, the incense and the leather notes. It is there as if to lure you in, but the other three notes are what capture and maintain your interest. Cherry Smoke finishes off with a creamy white floral and sandalwood base. 

Overall, Cherry Smoke will take you through a journey. I personally really enjoy the ride of this cherry fragrance. It is playful, flirty but quite daring, edgy and mysterious at the same time.

The incense, the oud, and the leather might make Cherry Smoke lean more masculine. However, this is a perfectly unisex fragrance that both men and women will enjoy. As far as the performance goes, it has a good longevity and projection.

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The people around me can pick up the scent when I wear it, and it lasts for a good amount of almost 8 hours. So yes, it seems like Cherry Smoke does fix the issue that Lost Cherry has with longevity. It is uncertain how much Cherry Smoke will cost when it is officially released, will you personally want to pay the hefty price tags that Tom Ford is asking for their fragrances right now? Hopefully, we can find it on the discounters for a better price, Cherry Smoke will for sure be a stable in our collection.