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New fragrances

Tom Ford Electric Cherry and Cherry Smoke: Cheery Cherry Goodness

Tom Ford is a house that I have a tremendous amount of respect for. They do their own thing and don’t always follow the trends. Tom Ford makes trends and that is why the brand is so iconic. I might be a bit biased since he designed the wardrobe for Daniel Craig in the recent Bond flicks, but I simply adore the house.

Tom Ford Electric Cherry
Tom Ford Electric Cherry

Although, I do doubt that 007 would wear the two most recent releases from the house, Electric Cherry and Cherry Smoke, Two new flankers to their popular Lost Cherry release, but with twists. Honestly, I am unsure if these are standalone scents or flankers. I know that Mr. Ford has stated that all his scents are made to layer, so I am assuming this is no different. Lost Cherry lacked depth to me.

It just smelled like an amaretto. It was nice by itself, but to be honest, I expect a complete scent for the prices he charges. Again, I love Tom Ford, but I must be honest about it. However, I do think these have potential to exceed the Lost Cherry standard, and I am super excited to check these out.

Tom Ford Electric Cherry
Tom Ford Electric Cherry

Tom Ford Electric Cherry:

I am not sure if this is some sort of nod toward electric boogaloo or what. Maybe the name is lost on me, or perhaps it isn’t meant to have a reference. This one seems like a cozier take on the DNA. Sour Morello cherry meets a spark of energizing ginger and luscious jasmine.  A warm fruity musk called Ambrettolide is featured, which is no doubt chosen to pair with the cherry and ginger, in order to boost their fruity and warm facets.


Morello Cherry, Ambrettolide, Ginger, Jasmine, and Pink Pepper

cherry smoke 2

Tom Ford Cherry Smoke:

Admittedly, this is the most intriguing one to me. I am not huge on cherry fragrances, even though they have been trending as of late with Kayali and other brands coming out with releases based on the tart fruit. However, I am a fan of smoky fragrances, so the name intrigued me.

cherry smoke 3

Dark cherry melds with opulent saffron that melds into the nuances of apricot and leather from precious osmanthus flowers. It lists a smoked wood accord, which is composed of cypriol. Cypriol is a keynote in the smoky oud accords that are featured in many releases. It’s a warm spiced smoked, which should offset the sweetness of the blend.

If I had to guess, then this would probably be a smoky scent with a touch of fruit and leather. Just a disclaimer, I have not read any reviews on this scent yet. Something to note is that the site lists it as osmanthus absolute with nuances of leather, olive, and apricot. This makes me think that they used a natural oil for this, given that description, and osmanthus is a very expensive oil


Dark Cherry, Osmanthus, Saffron, and Cypriol

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Tom Ford Electric Cherry, Cherry Smoke and Lost Cherry

Layering these three flankers could be interesting, but I am not sure how well 3 cherry scents would work together. Although, the cherry could be subdued in the two new ones for just that purpose. I am not sure what Electric Cherry could bring, but I imagine Cherry Smoke could work with either of them.

Cherry Smoke and Electric Cherry both come in red bottles that are slightly different shades. They come in a 30ml size for $240 and 50ml for $390. They are currently available on the Tom Ford site and at the official retailers of the brand.

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Are you excited about these releases, or do you think Tom Ford needs to create new things? I hope they do something with Bitter Peach like this because I much preferred that one over Lost Cherry. Cherry Smoke certainly looks like it could be a release that would change my mind about cherry fragrances, but time will tell.