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Enigmatic Woods collection by Tom Ford: In honor of wood

Tom Ford has been known for delivering quality products ever since they broke into the mainstream. One of their most celebrated and well-received fragrance lines up to this point in their career has got to be Private Blend. The house wanted to reintroduce two of their iconic and successful perfumes from this line, Santal Blush and Bois Marocain, alongside Ebene Fume. This fragrance trio will be packaged under a new collection called the Enigmatic Woods and will see some tempering with their note composition.

Inspired by the mystique of exotic woods, Tom Ford presents the ENIGMATIC WOODS collection. Each Private Blend scent celebrates ancient, treasured woods, linking the mysteries of centuries past with modern magnificence and exquisite spiritual luxury.

Tom Ford
tom ford Enigmatic Woods collection
tom ford Enigmatic Woods collection

The main inspiration behind the Enigmatic Woods collection is the mysterious appeal of different types of exotic wood. Each entry in the collection pays homage to a distinctive and precious wood of exotic nature, tied to places of historical and cultural significance.


Keynotes: Palo Santo, African Ebony, Black Pepper

Ébène Fumé: A peaceful and tranquil Scent

The first in the collection is Ébène Fumé Tom Ford for women and men, which was released back in 2021 to great acclaim. It is a relaxing and meditative scent that captures the magic of the Palo Santo tree, an amber woody fragrance that is often described as “cleansing”, and a true treat for the spiritual user seeking peace and transcendentalism thanks to the smoky wood of the Palo Santo tree that is believed to negate negative energy.

Ébène Fumé guarantees a luxurious impression with its African ebony tree and Guaiac Wood notes. It is brilliant how a scent can simply blend fresh herbs with woody notes and flowers to create an inspiring aroma that feels mystical, spiritual and transcendental.

Bois Marocain: A mysterious and mystical Aroma

Tom Ford Bois Marocain 2022

Keynotes: Thuya Wood, Cedarwood, and Pink Peppercorn.

The second fragrance in the collection is Bois Marocain, This spicy and stimulating scent was chosen to be part of the Enigmatic Woods collection thanks to the earthy quality of its unique inclusion of the Thuya wood and the coniferous tree, a rare breed of trees that adds to the composition a layer of grandiose not seen in your average fragrance release, with special focus on rare woodsy elements.

Tom Ford Bois Marocain 2022

I wanted an energizing scent that focuses on wood and became interested in Thuya wood, a conifer considered very special and rare

Tom Ford

With Bois Marocain, Tom Ford honors the artisans who used to sculpt with rare and mystical materials. It is a testament to how perfumery could document sensations and emotions triggered by places that no books could ever describe.

Santal Blush: A sensual and seductive Smell

Tom Ford Santal Blush 2022

Keynotes: Cinnamon, Sandalwood, and Ylang-Ylang.

Last but not least, the Enigmatic Woods collection introduces the third and the exquisite fragrance, Santal Blush Tom Ford, which was launched back in 2011 and reintroduced again in the collection. It is a textured fusion that combines the beauty and elegance of sandalwood, which is enhanced by the exotic spices like warm cinnamon, as well as the invigorating ylang-ylang and Woody notes.

Tom Ford Santal Blush 2022
Tom Ford Santal Blush 2022

SANTAL BLUSH is a textured fusion of sandalwood and spices. I am fascinated by the sensuality of the scent

Tom Ford

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The Enigmatic Woods collection will arrive in three bottles, each colored according to the type of wood it represents. The bottles will share the same pattern seen on the Private Blend line.

The collection is currently available on Myer’s official website in 50 ml Eau de Parfum, and it will soon be officially available in 50 ml and 100 ml bottle sizes.

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