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Noir Extreme Parfum Review: A New Interpretation of Nocturnal Deliciousness

An unexplainable craving overrules your self-control once you encounter a person who rekindles your inner flame of desire with every word they speak in a deep, low, and captivating voice. The sound waves of their vocal cords are like a spell you cannot escape. It leaves you craving more. The more you think about it, the more irresistible it gets. This was how I felt with Noir Extreme. It is so bewitching that you can’t simply ignore or look the other way when you smell it on your significant other. It will keep you hanging there and force you to whisper a confession of your deepest desire.

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Noir Extreme EDP was originally released in back 2015 as a flanker of a very carnal and somehow powdery woodsy Noir that released in 2012. The new interpretation of Noir has nothing to do with the original to the point that they could have been released as different lines. Noir Extreme received acclaim from the very beginning for the inclusion of the “mouth-watering” gourmand genre in men’s perfumes. An exotic accord of Indian desert Kulfi makes up the heart of the composition, underlying warm spices, and woods.

Noir Extreme Parfum Review
Noir Extreme Parfum Review

In 2022, comes the new interpretation of yet another Parfum flanker to join Signature Collection. The perfumer really elevated the sensation toward a more sophisticated and richer direction. Both releases were composed by Sonia Constant.

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Noir Extreme Parfum is one of those base-heavy fragrances that you really need to be patient with. Initially, you get almost nothing but quietly whispering and tamed spices as well as dominant Vanilla and Cardamom. It only takes fifteen minutes for the show to start. The opening explodes all of a sudden to Cardamom and Ginger mingling with intensely deep and almost woodsy Vanilla, taking this sensory experience to that very addictive level and causing that mouth-watering effect. Moreover, its blend contains one of the smoothest spicy combinations I’ve ever encountered.

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Its narcotic florals are lurking around the corner, like a nighttime wind blowing through a field of white flowers. There’s primarily a heady Jasmine and fresh Neroli which both represent the opposite sentiments, creating a bewitching harmony. This floral heart marries the distinctive core of Noir Extreme, a Kulfi accord forming an aromatic gourmand sensation. The floral heart is more noticeable than the original Eau de Parfum.

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Noir extreme Parfum

The sweetness of the core is balanced with smokey and smooth brown Suede, accompanied by Guaiac Wood and Cedarwood, forming the backbone to the composition. The leather accord is somehow a bit of Ombré Leather type, but it’s much muted; You need to sniff your skin very close to get that underlying smooth leathery feel.

Sandalwood on the other hand amplifies a creamy feel together with the Kulfi core. There’s the “Tom Ford’s Amber” here, and like in other Parfum flankers, it is warm, vanilla-heavy with a touch of bitter-sweet Tonka. I think I’m addicted to this accord because whenever this is included, it just makes the perfume very appealing to me.

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Noir extreme parfum

The sillage is tamed and moderate but, luckily, compensated with extraordinary longevity. I get between 7-8 hours of longevity with the first 2 hours of lingering scent cloud projection then sits close to skin. I find that, on clothing, it projects and lasts longer. I don’t have a problem with that since I clearly see the purpose of this scent. You don’t want your sweet scent to be too loud in your most intimate moments with your partner. It’s undeniably very sweet but in an irresistibly sexy way.

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Noir extreme parfum

Tom Ford is really rocking with these Parfum flankers, at least in my humble opinion. So far, there are three others that managed to give a face-lift to his classics, including this one. Noir Extreme Parfum tamed down the cloying and shallow sweetness of the original and elevated it to a more intimate territory with amplified sensuality of Amber.

Now, regarding the pricing, it really went up with the latest release. Have you tried the latest Parfum from Tom Ford? If so, did it exceed your expectations? Tom Ford Noir Extreme Parfum is available in 50ml for USD 175 and 100ml for USD 230.

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