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Tonka Cola By Mancera: Take a Sip

Mancera is a company that is well-known for creating many iterations of rose-ouds, but the newest release from the Parisian powerhouse has taken a different path. Tonka Cola is meant to embrace the fizzy sip of sweetness that many cherish.

Mancera Tonka Cola
Mancera Tonka Cola

“The vitalizing virtues of the kola nut open up the full potential of the gourmet tonka bean. these two worlds give us the opportunity to revisit a classic.

If the sparkle, the memory of the zest of the citrus fruit on contact with the bubbles, instantly picks you up, the thickness of the caramel and vanilla then cherry us into a lascivious and lively dance.

The light causticity combines perfectly with the memory of freshly cut hay or vanilla cinnamon. Tonka cola is the perfect combination of the worlds that rarely cross paths: the short time of the top notes and the long time of the heart, the sparkle and the sweetness, the day, its solar vitality, and the night, its abysmal depth.” – Mancera


Top notes: Bergamot, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Black Cherry

Middle notes: Fizzy Cola, Orange Flowers, and Indonesian Patchouli

Base notes: Brazilian Tonka Bean, Balmy Benzoin, Labdanum, and Powdery Vanilla

Kola nut is not a note that is commonly seen in perfumery. It is related to the cacao plant and smells like a sweet floral aroma that is somewhat like rose with a touch of nutmeg, hence why many brands use nutmeg in their cola creations. Brazilian tonka bean normally brings out the spicy vanillic qualities of the well-loved ingredient. Black cherry is used to create a cherry cola flavor, which is accented by the almond-laden cherried facet of the tonka bean.


Mancera’s Tonka Cola promises to be a delectable treat for carbonated beverage lovers around the world. It’s not often that a release such as this pops up, and with it being from such a popular brand on top of that, it will certainly garner attention.  


The bottle is a standard cylindrical Mancera bottle with a light amber base that turns darker in a gradient that runs up the bottle. It will be available on the Mancera website in November, which is just in time for a nice gourmand to cut through the cold. We all know how powerful this brand makes their fragrances, so the frigid winter won’t stand a chance.

Source: Mancera Press Release.