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Unique’e Luxury Mashumaro マシュマロ: A Delectable Treat from the Far East.

Every time I see a Japanese-inspired fragrance, a part of me beams with enthusiasm. It’s so rare to see fragrance from or based on Eastern Asian things in general, much less The Land of the Rising Sun. When I heard about Unique’e Luxury’s newest release, Mashumaro, you could say I was very excited. Mashumaro (マシュマロ) means marshmallow in Japanese. Could it be? An actual Japanese gourmand scent? That is something that I haven’t seen before. I am not a gourmand addict but sign me up!


An opening of fire-kissed marshmallows and creamy milk are kissed by the spiritual smoke of incense and cashmere wood.  Intoxicatingly sweet accords of praline, vanilla, and caramel create a dreamy glaze on the delectable marshmallows. An inviting cozy blend of precious roses are melded with sensual musk and muguet to create an unforgettable trail.

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Most commonly, Japanese-centric scents are based around woods like hinoki or cedar, or citruses such as yuzu. There is always the infamous cherry blossom that draws many people in as well. However, Mashumaro has none of these, and this is what makes it exciting. A silky sweet plunge into a cozy treat as you watch the snow fall on the barren sakura trees, as wafts of smoke from the nearby temples dance around you. A side of this famous country that we have yet to see, and we so desperately want to uncover, and delve into the secrets held within. An emotionally figurative taste of a dream that beckons forth an olfactive journey that we have longed for.

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Toasted Marshmallow, Cashmere Wood, Milk, Incense, Praline, Vanilla, Caramel, Musk, Rose, Muguet

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The bottle is housed in the standard presentation that Unique’e Luxury is known for. A golden cap adorns the head of a clear glass bottle, with an almost wine-like red elixir held within. The label is black and gold, with the name of the fragrance in both Roman letters and Katakana. It comes in a hefty 100ml bottle with a price tag of $380, available on the official website in December.