Francesca Bianchi Unspoken Musk
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Unspoken Musk by Francesca Bianchi: An Ode to Musk

The well-renowned fragrance house, Francesca Bianchi, has just unveiled their upcoming addition to their extensive perfume catalogue. The house is set to release Unspoken Musk, making it one of the must-get items on your shopping list.

With Unspoken Musk, The house aims at striking balance between the sensual and the sensitive. Despite not being fruity in nature, this scent induces a rich and intense experience for its wearer. The house promises a sweet, flowery and velvety fragrance that draws this dichotomy essence between sinful pleasures and innocence, all through a whirlwind of different emotions that are triggered upon smelling Unspoken Musk. This release truly reflects human nature with all its contradictions, the gentle vs. the flirty.

Francesca Bianchi Unspoken Musk
Francesca Bianchi Unspoken Musk

Main accord:Musk, Tonka Bean, Iris Butter.

Mood: Sexy, gentle yet intense, flirty

As its name suggests, Unspoken Musk’s effect can be hard to describe, but the ever-resourceful, Francesca Bianchi, wanted to embrace a bold attitude when creating this fragrance. She wanted to make a personal interpretation of what it means to use “raw” material in the truest sense of the word. The note composition is mainly centered on the Tonka Bean and Iris Butter.

Musk plays an important role in Unspoken Musk’s.  Francesca Bianchi wanted to examine the effect of musks on her. Since the use of naturally extracted musks is prohibited, she thought of all the possible synthetic musks in their different forms, using a number of musks ranging from the “laundry-fresh” musks to the “dirty” ones, ones that reached some interesting interpretative excesses.


Even though Unspoken Musk is inspired by natural musks, what makes it truly magical is how it succeeds in triggering personal memories, suggestions and readings on this mythical ingredient. As it stands, this perfume’s pillars of strength are humanity, gentleness, intensity, passion. The bottle design is pretty simplistic, with transparent glass and a black cap. The brand’s name is displayed on in black font on a white label, further enhancing the duality concept behind Unspoken Musk.

The new fragrance is currently available on the official website in 30ml Extrait de Parfum.

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