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Violette Volynka by Hermes: The Power of Violets

Over the past couple of years, house Hermes has released a number of successful fragrance releases that have been met with warm reception from their fan base. This month, they announced their latest addition to their fragrance backlog, Violette Volynka.

Violette Volynka

Violette Volynka will be released under their already established Hermessence line and will arrive in Eau de Toilette form.

The idea behind Violette Volynka is to strike that delicate balance between the elegance of femininity and the masculine sensibilities thanks to the unique materials used in its composition which parallel each other. The strong leathery notes highlight the opposing delicacy of the powdery violets.

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Christine Nagel, the talented Swiss perfumer, is the lead behind this launch, so fans can rest assured that Violette Volynka will evidently be a premium product. As far as the composition is concerned, Violette Volynka involves a blend of intensity and sweetness unmatched by most contemporary perfumes

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Keynotes: Leather, Violet Leaves

“Taking pleasure in creating unexpected combinations of raw materials that reveal and complement one another, Christine Nagel, Director of Creation and Olfactory Heritage at Hermès Parfums,

Together with the robust cuir Volynka and Viola odorata, a flower immortalised as a symbol of modesty, the fragrance delivers an intense and robust scent, revealing the aura of a heroine”

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As for the bottle, The Violette Volynka Eau de Toilette arrives in an elongated bottle that displays a radiant hue of purple along with a similarly purple, leather cap with the brand’s name also written in purple. It doesn’t take long to see the violet influence at the first glance.

The new fragrance will be available in 100ml Eau de Toilette.

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